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I’ve realized the difference between manifesting with effort and without effort. Each has vastly different feelings and energy frequencies. It’s the difference between forcing a pull towards you or being immersed in the feeling of allowing and letting something happen organically. (Think of energetically straining versus relaxing.)

There are some huge things I want to manifest in my life. What’s interesting is this acknowledgement brought with it distinct fears: “Is this too much to ask for?”, “Can I do this successfully?” and “Do I deserve to ask for this?”

As I was in my fear and asking these questions, I saw the world ALLOW in big bold letters coming towards me through my Third Eye chakra. There was also a feeling of effortlessness and ease washing over me. And it wasn’t just the word itself, but the feeling and frequency of this word. I stopped and thought, “Whoa, this is powerful!” In that moment I accepted this energy and the frequency of ALLOW to overtake my whole being, inside and out.

ALLOW means: letting something soak into your whole being and soul; being fully embodied in the energy and frequency. When you inhale, you allow the energy to merge with oxygen and fill your lungs, going into your bloodstream and feeding your entire body. The flow is gentle and supportive. It’s about deserving and believing – no questions asked. This energy easily fills me up.

But allowing also has another edge to it.  It is the glue that holds everything together in one cohesive flow – everything working together as one.



Since my blog TOP 20 LIST FOR MANIFESTING, I have learned more. One of the first things to do is write a list – I know some people hate the idea of lists, but they’re helpful when manifesting because it gets you out of your head and helps you to focus on what your desires are. (Doing this brings in the action as I described in my blog here. This brings the manifestation through the chakras as I described here.)

One way of allowing in the manifestation process is by using feminine and masculine energies through the Chakras. Allow me to explain:

Scientists have stated that the right side of the brain is the creativity center, and the left side is logical. The right side of the brain is where the feminine energy resides and is about possibilities and creating. The left side of the brain is where masculine energy resides and is about organization and details. The Feminine (right) brain controls the left side of the masculine body from the neck down and the Masculine (left) brain controls the right side of the feminine body. (Whatever area of the brain is affected by a stroke or brain injury the opposite side of the body is affected.)


Now for the good stuff!

To begin manifesting, you start by saying what you need. This opens up your Crown chakra to allow in all the possibilities. These possibilities settle at the Third Eye Chakra where the Feminine and Masculine brain come into play.

The Feminine (right) brain looks at all those incoming possibilities for what you want until you decide on one or two options. The Masculine brain’s role at this point is to see if this desire is achievable. If it isn’t, then the Feminine brain can select another possibility for the Masculine brain to work through until things seem to click into place and you arrive at a crystalized idea – we’ll call this “THE ONE.” The Masculine (left) brain brings detailed and organized thought to the chosen possibility so that it can be achieved.  

Of course, the Throat chakra is also part of this process of getting to “THE ONE” idea. As you talk through this process (i.e., when you start talking about what you want, or reaching out to others for input, etc.).

The idea then connects with the Heart Chakra to determine how much it will benefit you. (Even if you’re manifesting for someone else, you will always be a part of the process, so the question of benefit is always relevant.) The Heart Chakra is also where the faith and belief come into the manifestation process.

Then it’s a short step down to being created physically in the world as the idea goes down to the last three Chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root).  This is where the feelings are added, the emotions, the excitement, the wonder, the trust, and THE WORK to get it done.

This process is about bringing your WHOLE BODY and Aura into making the dream a reality. This is what gives us the confidence of “I’ve got this” or “I know I can do this” etc.

Note that all the chakras each have a masculine and feminine energy and are also part of the creation to reality process. This is a whole soul body experience – there is NO DOUBT, NO QUESTIONING. This is also how ALLOW comes in.

The image that comes to me around this idea is hands around a rope – when we’re forcing an attraction towards us, it’s like pulling on a rope. Allowing is letting go of that rope and trusting in the attraction without the need to pull on it.

Once you have gone through the whole process, you are bringing in the energy of ALLOWING. Not forcing, but going with the flow. It’s like having water run over your body when you take a shower. The water just moves over you and you allow it – no control of the flow – the water knows where to go and how, following its path. Just like in life, there may be obstacles (in the shower think of a washcloth or other “obstacles) but the water still flows no matter what. It’s the same with ALLOWING.


A friend and I were discussing a personal matter about someone in my life.  My friend said that Buddhism states that you should not allow people to walk all over you.  You should point out bad behavior in another person, but this has to be done with wisdom and compassion.

When done this way you will come to an understanding within yourself, instead of a triggering or emotional reaction. I found this has helped me see people in a different way rather than when I am letting my emotions control me.  This practice actually forces me to stop, listen, and look – using all of my senses.  By doing this, I am allowing solutions to problems to present themselves – solutions I would never have thought of when I was emotional.


The other day I wrote out 7 questions – each on their own piece of paper. These were things I’d been mulling over for a long time.  I got real with myself because these were the questions I have also been avoiding for a long time.  I then did a deep meditation using Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync Gateway program. In my meditation, I could feel the Guides working on my physical body and random thoughts going through my head, which I said out loud as they each came in.  I then was just breathing my soul body.  It was then I got the answer I was looking for, for all the questions:

All of these questions were because I didn’t know or understand me.  If I were truly connected to myself fully including my Masculine, Feminine, and inner child, I would know what it is that I need and go for it no questions asked.”

Talk about a light-bulb moment! Difficult while also crystal clear. I mean, if I’m questioning my abilities to help and heal someone, then I am definitely questioning myself and don’t fully understand what I’m truly capable of!


I want you to think about what you allow easily into your life OR what you’re trying to control in your life. Think about the things you have gotten in your life that were right – how did you do it?  Also think about the things that did not go right – how did you do it? Can you see the different layers of allowing and how you can make it work for you?

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