1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

Lets find out what is new for me...

Alberta Health Services guidelines I am following as of January 18, 2021 (Covid-19)

These are the procedures I will be doing for each in-person treatment.  I take everyone safety seriously.  I know it may seem like I am being a bit anal, but this is particularly important to me to ensure that we are both safe.

When you arrive: 

  • NOTEplease following the parking instructions given in your THANK YOU FOR BOOKING confirmation email.  It will also have my full address
  • I will meet you when you arrive depending on where you park – either in the parking garage or at the street door.
  • I have cleaning wipes with me and will clean high touch points going to pick you up and to my condo door
  • I will open all doors and push elevator buttons both bringing you to my condo and going back down to your vehicle
  • The condo association requires everyone to wear masks in all public spaces including the parking garage as per City of Calgary guidelines
  • I am required to wear a 3-ply disposable ASTM Level 1 or higher mask and a cloth apron for each appointment
  • I will have hand sanitizer for you to use once arriving and a separate bathroom for your use
  • Once in my condo, I will ask you to wash your hands in the bathroom attached to the treatment room.  There is hand sanitizer in the bathroom for your use.   I will also wash my hands at the same time.
  • Alberta Health Services requires you continue to wear your mask except when you have medical exemption.
  • When you arrive, you will need to fill out a pre-screening covid-19 form as per Alberta Health Services guidelines for the services/treatments I provide
  • If you need a drink of water, I will have a disposable cup for your use and will dispose of after
  • After your treatment is completed, I will ask if you would please put on your mask and I will walk you back down to your vehicle or to the street entrance you came in

CLEANING done after a treatment.

Prior to the first appointment of the day I will 

  • I will do a thorough cleaning if I have had guests before or after scheduled work hours for the current day
  • I will disinfect with Rubbing Alcohol 70% or higher because it kills all viruses within 10 seconds.  I spray all surfaces from my condo door (both sides) to the treatment room, within the treatment room and its attached bathroom.  I spray everything but the walls.
  • I will hot steam mop the floors
  • I ensure all dishes are clean and put away
  • Counters are cleared of clutter
  • Block off access to my living space (master bedroom, living room and dining room)

After you have left after your treatment I will:

  • Thoroughly wash and disinfect my hands before and after every treatment.
  • I will dispose of my face mask
  • I will remove my apron and put it in the laundry room
  • I will take the 2 flat sheets on the massage table, the pillowcase(s) and the linen from the bathroom and put it into the laundry room.  I use laundry strength Hydrogen Peroxide, organic laundry soap, washing soda and hot water to wash all the linen.  All linen is dried in the highest heat setting and are fully dried.
  • All garbage from the client bathroom is moved out and disposed of
  • I will use organic liquid soap with a 1/4 cup of vinegar in hot water and use this to wash all walls and doors from the outside of my condo door, inside the entryway into the treatment room, the whole treatment room and bathroom (walls from knee height to arm’s length above my head, fixtures, massage table, full doors, door knobs, door frames, pictures – everything).
  • On the massage table I have a quilt for padding, waterproof sheet protection then a fitted sheet. I wash these once a week
  • For every treatment, the massage table will have two flat sheets on top the above point
  • All the pillows used for your treatment all have a waterproof protection pillowcase and with a standard pillowcase on top
  • The bathroom will have two face cloths and 1 hand towel for your use before and after your treatment
  • The bathroom has 3 different types of soaps, 2 different types of hand lotion and 1 jar of Rocky Mountain Soap Company hand sanitizer
  • I will disinfect with Rubbing Alcohol 70% or higher because it kills all viruses within 10 seconds.  I spray all surfaces from my condo door (both sides) to the treatment room, within the treatment room and its attached bathroom.  I spray everything but the walls.
  • I fill out the AHS cleaning form located in the treatment room bathroom.  This is uploaded to my profile in JaneApp and will be provided to AHS if ever required.
  • I will open the windows to air out the rooms until you arrive (dependent on the weather)

Where to find me as of May 2021.

As of May 2021,

I am in the process of finding a commercial location as the location I had found in May fell thru.  

I am in negotiations for the new space in downtown Calgary and will send out an email when the deal is finalized.  This new space is big enough that I can teach within it too.  Yay.

As per City of Calgary business licensing, I need to have a commercial space within the City of Calgary to operate my business legally as I currently do not live in Calgary.