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Mary Anne

I have always believed in Angels, but growing up as a Roman Catholic, I associated Angels with death which scared me. I couldn’t learn from my parents, family, or friends because they didn’t know about Chakras, Angels, aura, or the energy all around all of us.

In 2005 I felt “balls” of energy in the palms of my hands. These “balls” were a sign the Chakras in my hands were opening up to reveal healer’s hands. Reiki helped me to establish a strong foundation and structure for understanding the body’s energy.

There is more information than what they teach in school. I want to understand energy work, the human body and our connection to everything in the Universe. It has led me to ask questions about everything. I find the answers through research, reading, webinars, and classes. This knowledge has brought peace and balance into my life. People tell me how they feel calm, relaxed, balanced, centered and grounded when they are near me. During any treatment I am constantly asking the client’s body what it needs, what am I sensing, and where I need to focus more Universe energy. I listen to their body talk.

Always ask questions until it makes sense to you (those AH HA moments). When you question everything, you will get the answers that help you know your purpose and where you should go next.
I am a firm believer in giving back to the community. I have a Reiki Share and Talk group made up of students I have taught and anyone else who has any level of Reiki certification. We meet once a month to practice on each other, share any knowledge we have learned and to ask questions we have about doing Reiki. We also go into the community, like retirement homes to give the people Reiki treatments for free.

My personal core values I live by.


I take responsibility for my actions, words and their consequences, and I respect others who do the same


It is important to me to be living in the present moment and enjoying all the good things in it — with intention and gratitude.


Understanding, appreciation, acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance, and protection for the welfare of everything on Earth and beyond.


My own independent thoughts and actions — choosing, creating, exploring, continuous learning. (creativity, freedom, choosing my own goals, curious, independent).

1000 Butterflies’ core values.


Building community of helping each other.  Together we can heal ourselves, where we live and the world.


Sharing with everyone what we each learn as we live our lives.  No one person has all the knowledge.  Together we do.


 “Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking” by being honest, hardworking, respectful, trustworthy, and responsible.


Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC)

since April 20, 2018.


Current certifications:

  • Indian Foot Massage – certified by Canadian Training Centre for Healing Alternatives – November 2018
  • Natural Face Lift Massage – certified by Canadian Training Centre for Healing Alternatives – October 2018
  • Indian Head Massage – certified by Canadian Training Centre for Healing Alternatives – August 2018
  • Thai Yoga Massage – certified by Shawne Klassen – January 2018 and March 2021
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Harmonious Healing Inc. – February 2013
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Nina Wallinder – June 2013
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Mary June Tracy (The Guru Mama) – March 2012
  • DNA Strand Healer – certified by The Home of OM – June 2013
  • Chakra Healer – certified by The Home of OM – May 2013
  • Mediumship Level II – certified by The Home of OM – February 2013
  • Angel Mediumship Level I – certified by The Home of OM – July 2013
  • Archangel Michael Healer – certified by The Home of OM – March 2013
  • Angel Card Reader – certified by The Home of OM – November 2012
  • Angel Intuitive – certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. – December 2011
  • Body Talk Access – certified by Harmonious Healing Inc. – October 2009