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NOTE: From Monday October 19, 2020 to January 01, 2021 – I will NOT be seeing any clients.  I am taking the time to prepare for 2021 going forward.

2020 is a full year of the huge energy shift for the world (see my blog on it).  This last quarter of 2020 is very heavy energy and that is so that we all ground deeply to mother-father Earth, as the vast majority of the population is “floating” right now.  Feel your connection to the heart-center of mother-father Earth.

Take this last quarter of 2020 to do alot of self-care and meditation to prepare yourself for the “community” you will be forming to help heal others (people, animals, plants).

Real client experiences are invaluable in allowing others to discover what it is like to have a treatment with me.

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I write from my heart. Each article builds upon each other. From articles I may have read, a documentary/movie/life event etc I have watched, or even what I have learnt from client sessions, gets me asking questions that I meditate on. I hope from my musing you are able to find answers too, or atleast it gets you started on asking questions in your life. It has brought huge peace in my life and understanding more about me and about people in general, which helps me to forgive more easily.


My Bible is broken!!!

One night in late August as I was falling asleep and thinking about everything going on in the world: COVID-19, so much violence and killing – not just locally (in Calgary, Alberta) but also nationally and internationally. I thought about the things I have been seeing on Instagram and Facebook – the anger, chaos, and …



I have been wondering how the Internet and social media fuel informational chaos and what this is doing to us at a societal level. This made me think about the values being modeled to young people right now. For instance, are young people being told to behave with integrity, and yet witnessing something completely different …