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REMOTE REIKI TREATMENT available only during COVID-19 pandemic


With the Covid-19 virus outbreak, the Alberta Government, City of Calgary and the Canadian Government have set strict rules for stopping the spread of the virus until this pandemic is over.
People have reported they have tested positive but have had no symptoms and for how long the virus can survive on plastic and metal, for me these are the most important point for self-isolating.  Your health and safety are of upmost importance and the risk is to high for potential risk of exposure for me to offer all of my services at my home office.
I have decided I will only be doing REMOTE REIKI sessions for FREE.
When these 3 levels of Government have lifted the state of emergency, than I will go back to normal business practice.

Real client experiences are invaluable in allowing others to discover what it is like to have a treatment with me.

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I write from my heart. Each article builds upon each other. From articles I may have read, a documentary/movie/life event etc I have watched, or even what I have learnt from client sessions, gets me asking questions that I meditate on. I hope from my musing you are able to find answers too, or atleast it gets you started on asking questions in your life. It has brought huge peace in my life and understanding more about me and about people in general, which helps me to forgive more easily.


Where are you in the pendulum swing in your life?

Are you stuck in a loop in your head of “would of, should of, could of” or “next time I see xxx I will tell him xxxx”. This means you are stuck in the past and it has the control over your life from stopping you from getting what it is you want. You have to know you, every little nook, cranny and bits and pieces of you so you can have the life that you really want. Because you will be strong, powerful and confident to believe and trust in you.