1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

Helping To Find The Balance Within YOU...

Photo Credit:  Jeannie Wai

NOTE: Starting May 10 2021, I will only be doing remote Reiki treatments due to restrictions.

According to NHPC with guidance from the Alberta Government, all of my services are considered WELLNESS SERVICES. 

NOTE: The booking calendar shows all appointment times in Mountain Time.

Please go here for detailed description on how I prepare for each treatment following the Alberta Health Services safety for COVID-19.

NOTE: Until further notice, Reiki treatments are by donation to either your favorite charity or to myself (via email interac or credit card).    All other treatments I offer are at their regular price.

Real client experiences are invaluable in allowing others to discover what it is like to have a treatment from me.

Jennifer K

5 out of 5 Better Business Bureau® Calgary

This was my first Reiki session, over the phone at that (due to covid), and I was skeptical to say the least. Yet I left our session more impressed than ever. Marry Ann was nothing but wonderful. She somehow nailed all the items right on point. She was relaxing, created a sense of ease and yet has this sense of humor that was greatly appreciated. I cannot say enough things about our session and her Reiki service. I can’t wait for the next appointment and to one day donor in person.

Stacey S.

*remote Reiki treatment

You are a helper in a world needing help. You show up without asking and leave us better than you found us. The world needs more of people like you. Thank you

Jeff K.

5 out of 5 Google review.

Mary Anne provided me with a remote session for Reiki, it was even better than I was expecting. While connecting over telephone, she softly spoke to me about how she was treating the areas that I had of concern. Afterwards I felt recharged and energetic, and felt better prepared for this different world that we are living in right now. She reminded me of how to care for myself, and in fact I felt very well cared for.


5 out 5 rating on Groupon.

A lovely calming environment. Mary Anne was attentive in attending to my needs as far as addressing what I wished to receive from the treatment session. I left feeling soulfully nourished. Definitely will be recommending her to others!!!

Kathleen C.

5 out of 5 Google review.

Beautiful experience with Mary Anne. I went in for the Indian foot massage, but walked away with so much more than happy feet. I have never felt so relaxed during and after our session. The effects of the treatment which incorporated Reiki still linger.

Michelle J.

It took me sometime before I found “the one” who I would be blessed with to teach me Reiki Healing. After three years of searching I had the liberty of receiving a free five minute session from The Home of Om booth at Mind, Body Expo. After Mary Anne was done I tingled from head to toe. I found my teacher! Mary Anne taught me Reiki I and I was gifted level II Reiki.

As a thank you I agreed that I would give back to the Universe and gratefully acknowledge Mary Anne and the Home of Om for allowing me to learn through them. So now I help out at the Reiki Shares. Thank you

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