Hours Of Operation

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REMOTE and IN-PERSON treatments available as of August 1, 2020


NOTE: The booking calendar shows all appointment times in Mountain Time.

NOTE: For REMOTE treatments, I will call you at your scheduled appointment time, please ensure your phone number is correct when booking your appointment.

I will be opening up my booking calendar on Friday July 31, 2020 for all my services.

IN-PERSON treatments only: The City of Calgary Home Based Business Licensing allows me to have  a maximum of 4 people per day to a maximum of 15 people per week for any of the treatments I offer.
REMOTE Treatments: there is no limit on how many I do in a day or week.

You can book yourself in through my booking software (button at the top of the screen) for either Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for either IN-PERSON or REMOTE treatments.
If you would like an appointment outside of those dates, email me your request with the treatment type, length (if any), date and time and I will book you in manually.

When you arrive, you will need to fill out a  pre-screening covid-19 form as per Alberta Health Services guidelines for the services/treatments I provide.

The condo association requires everyone to wear masks in all public spaces including the parking garage as per City of Calgary guidelines.
I am required to wear a 3-ply disposable mask and a cloth apron for each appointment.
I will have hand sanitizer for you to use once arriving and a separate bathroom for your use.
I will have disposable cups for you to drink water out of.
I will dispose of the mask and change the apron after the appointment is done.
I will thoroughly wash and disinfect my hands before and after every treatment.
To ensure any scents are gone from cleaning, 1-hour before the client’s scheduled treatment I will be doing a thorough cleaning (as per AHS guidelines) – this includes new bedding, cleaning and disinfecting (Rubbing Alcohol 70% or higher because it kills all viruses within 10 seconds) all high touch areas within the treatment room, the client bathroom and the entry way to the treatment room.
I will open the windows to air out the rooms until you arrive.
All garbage from the client bathroom is moved out and disposed of.

Real client experiences are invaluable in allowing others to discover what it is like to have a treatment with me.

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