Hours Of Operation

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NOTE: Tuesday January 12 to Thursday January 21, 2021 – The Alberta Government has put restrictions on Wellness Services to not have in-person treatments for the services I provide.

I will open my calendar next week based on what the Alberta Government decides to do after January 21, 2021.

During the mandated restrictions I will only be doing Remote Reiki treatments by donation. I invite you to either donate to your favorite charity or to myself (email interac to


Real client experiences are invaluable in allowing others to discover what it is like to have a treatment with me.

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I write from my heart. Each article builds upon each other. From articles I may have read, a documentary/movie/life event etc I have watched, or even what I have learnt from client sessions, gets me asking questions that I meditate on. I hope from my musing you are able to find answers too, or atleast it gets you started on asking questions in your life. It has brought huge peace in my life and understanding more about me and about people in general, which helps me to forgive more easily.


Finding the path to your LEADER

Each of us has a meaningful path. It doesn’t mean you have to be on the same path, but recognize we each have our own reasons, our own work we need to do along our paths. We have to remember that there is not one person that will be the lone leader for this change, it will actually be a global endeavor from all of humanity to make the changes. We are all the leaders of the change NOW.