1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

What can we learn together???

If you are ready to learn Reiki, I am ready to teach you level 1, 2 and/or 3.

For Reiki certification, I teach it by ensuring there is a gap between all 3 levels and in-person only.  I firmly believe that everyone needs to take their time to learn about energy healing, understanding how you “sense or feel” energy as this builds your solid foundation. This it is important for you and anyone you give a Reiki treatment for.

You are welcome to re-take any of the levels you are certified for by me, free of charge (bring your own manual) and you can be re-attuned again.

With your permission, I will add you to my Reiki Practitioners email list to find out when we will do Reiki Shares (free to the public) and Reiki Talks (This is where you can ask questions or tell us what you have learnt).

To register for a class, click on the button below (you will have to scroll to the date).  Please make arrangement to pay in full for the class 3 days prior to the start of the class by calling 403-512-3715.
NOTE: if you are retaking the class, please call to be registered separately.