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Are you doing actions that are getting the results you want in your life? Can you basically shift your focus to more possibilities, while putting the “problem” to the side but still in your awareness?

For example: You are in the last week of the month, and you have bills due at the beginning of the month and all you are thinking about is how to make the payments with what you currently have, because you are not sure you can do it. You are focusing on where to get more money to ensure you can make the payments.

My friend and I were talking one day about what were going on in each of our respective lives. We got on the topic of money and bill payments. My friend made an observation to NOT focus on the lack of money, but basically put it aside, but still in my friend’s awareness. My friend said if we changed the focus from lacking to looking at the facts, by figuring out what it was exactly we want it would help us to reach the goal. By doing this my friend said we are actually tapped into the creative left side of the brain and come up with new ways. For example, for me I was trying to figure out how to get more client’s to know about the services I offer.  When I started my company I went with Groupon because it brings people into my business plus the reviews the client’s write are verified purchasers.  Even though Groupon is great to get people in the door, the payment from those Groupons is not that great.  Thus I found myself that I couldn’t depend on Groupon for funding.  This is where I was struggling was how to make Groupon work for me.  I put my funding and Groupon on the side and instead I focused what is it that the client needs.  From there I was able to discover that I can go to companies and do onsite Reiki combined with my Thai Yoga Massage experience.  It also lead to another way I was able to reach clients.  I realized not everyone likes Reiki and that is when I found Indian Head Massage and Indian Foot Massage.  This brings in client’s that understand the benefits of massage but think Reiki is just to way out there.

This got me thinking about my life so far with context to manifesting and Law of Attraction. From the above, I have meditated on this quite a few times and each time I get more and more pieces to come to the full understanding. I have created my life. I can’t deny it at all. I have to own every aspect of it. All the great moments, all the funny, laughing, crying, frustrating, WTF times, passive sitting by doing nothing, to letting others try to dictate and control me, to even the moments when I jokingly ask my friends to come help me bury things because “OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT TO GET OR DO THAT”. We all laugh at those moments. I am owning everything I have said, did things, not did things, sat for long times letting the world pass by and I DID IT ALL. Yip me and I can’t blame anyone else, but I get to take credit for it.

I know and realize that a lot of the things that have happened in my life have been out of my control because other people were part of those events, whether it was a direct interaction or whether it some other type of event (like government policy change, recessions, global events etc.). But I know I am responsible how I react in those moments, how I decided to take the information and move forward and what my thoughts were.

I had a friend tell me that they were starting their business from getting financial aid and the same friend said that the way I started my business they wouldn’t do it. But you know I did go into business with naive eyes, but it doesn’t mean I have to continually do that. I am in control of my life. Life experiences are great learning moments.

I now understand that I do things passively when I am not clear on what it is, I am trying to achieve, or understand or even explore. I have gotten stuck in a long path of “passively” because being passive felt safe. But honestly it got me on the fast track of nowhere and just more confusion.

From my divorce, yes, I could have fought harder, been more direct about how I was feeling, expressed exactly what it was that I needed to be understood. We both were passive in our marriage. No blame. I had to leave because I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I am full of life and I felt I was dying from the inside out. We both had to have wanted it and we both gave up on each other. I don’t regret my decision because to be honest it was what we both needed to get our butts out of the chair. My former husband is now happily re-married to a wonderful caring woman. They get each other. I will be honest that I do get jealous of how his wife is getting way more of him then what I feel we had. I have to look at the facts, we were young, and we didn’t have the income we have today, plus we had children, mortgage and other payments. Our children are all grown up and that gives a different spin. I even had a few friends said that I should have taken my former husband to the cleaners because I was entitled to it. But here’s the thing about this, those friends don’t really know me, because that is not my nature and I am NOT ashamed by any of it. I am happy. Yes, today it is starting to be a struggle, but here’s the thing, I created my today and I love what it is teaching me. My daughter told me on Mother’s Day that she understands that I was angry thru the marriage because of how my former husband and myself acted towards each other because she sees how happy he is now with his new wife. I was surprised and delighted on her insight. I did ask her if we needed to talk about any of it and she said nope, but she said that she loves me bunches, is proud of me and hopes I achieve all my wishes and dreams.

All of my life has made me who I am, and I am always growing and striving. Each breath is a teaching moment for each of us. Each interaction, each client, each word, everything is teaching us to stop, look, reflect/examine and from there see what we could have done differently and to then make choices. Remember our brain wants to do the easiest thing possible that we have already done. So, don’t get caught in the lather, rinse repeat cycle of your life. Break out of the patterns and you might just surprise yourself by discovering new things or people and the best part is you find yourself, your center and your balance.

I even had a mentor tell me once that I should just give up my business and go volunteer somewhere instead. Yes, I will be honest I was pissed at that, but it was exactly what I needed. I manifested the mentor into my life because I wanted someone who was in the same industry as me, to get their guidance. I did ask what mentorship was going to be about and I agreed to the terms. I thought the mentor was what I wanted, but the mentor is exactly what I needed to get me out of my rut. Yes, we still butt heads about things, but I still welcome it and know it is helping me to manifest what I need. I needed to do a magnifying view on my wants and needs. It has taught me more about me and gotten me to the minuet bits and pieces of me. It also made me ask what I was putting out in the world for anyone to automatically think they know exactly what or who I am. Someone told me that I needed to be geared my website toward my services and don’t blog about anything. But here’s the thing, I am more than my services. I am a teacher and yes at first, I didn’t want to be a teacher, but I am. When I got past that belief, it opened up my world. I am learning so much from this beautiful life of mine and the whole world. I can take things and get the client/friend/family to see if from a different angle and from there the person is able to more easily move onto a path because they can see it now. The person is out of their stressful thoughts and situation.

For my love life, it is slow, but that is ok, because I have to know who I am so that I attract the man so we can grow together. I can tell you that my original Top 20 Qualities and Features of My Dream Man, has changed a lot from what I first done a year and a half ago to even today.

To this day, I am still surprised that people say that my energy is very strong, because I don’t feel it, it just is. I am so glad that people do share with me this because I do need the reminders. YAY.

I had a person tell me one day that they were afraid to do the work because what if they didn’t like themselves after. I asked “are you happy with yourself now” and the person said no, then I said you have nowhere but to go up then, because by doing the work, you are making the choice to change your life and from there you have your eyes wide open because you know and love yourself so much that YOU KNOW what it is you want and where you are going. You are at peace with other people because you can see and understand where they are coming from.

My actions, thoughts, meditation, words, are all teaching me to be proud of who I am, love the heck out of me, I am worthy and worth it, I am in control of me at all times and I can manifest what I really want and need by being very clear on what it is I need and want, that firm belief of knowing and understanding.

When everyone opens up to more possibilities, then they open up their life to be richer. Change the channel of your life to change the view. Do the work because in the end you win YOU…. YAY

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