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Updated January 25 2018 (step 4). I learnt of this technique through my daughter when she had a session with Angel Rogers in December 2015.

From this technique Angel used with my daughter, the Guides expanded on it by bringing in the Chakras.

Everything is created twice. First it is a thought and then it becomes into physical form (this can be quick or take a long time, depending on how you are allowing freely the manifestation or holding the manifestation back).

Personally from my experience and from working with my clients, you do need to deal with everything in your life to bring peace in first. This is so that you stop the words in your head that bring fear and doubts. You are strong, courageous, brave and you have the strength in you to do this. You are so worth it. You are worth fighting for. We are all blessed to have you in our lives, as we are in your life. So thank you for being part of my life.

I had a friend tell me once that the thought of doing the steps would be a lot of work and couldn’t she skip steps. I asked her this: “do you want an half ass manifestation OR do you want the full meal deal, because if you want an almost what you want, then do whatever you want. But if you are serious to get EXACTLY what you want, then do ALL the steps”.

STEP 1: Understanding how manifestation ties in with your Chakra. The Crown, Third eye and Throat Chakras are the 1st layer and this is where the “thought” is done. The Heart Chakra is the 2nd layer and this is where your hearts desires are brought forth. The Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra is the final layer and this is where you bring it into manifestation, through your trust, belief and feelings. GET EXCITED.

STEP 2: Relaxing your mind to prepare for manifestation. Here you will be in the 1st layer of the Chakras, which is the Crown, Third-eye and Throat Chakras. Do whatever type of meditation you like and for however long.

I personally use Gregg Braden’s Heart/Brain connection meditation. I attended Gregg’s presentation a few years ago. I always use this meditation and I can quickly feel my brain waves drop and slow down. This is a condensed of what he said.

Greg Braden talked about the heart brain connection. He gave this quote: “The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart”. The 1st organ created from conception is the heart. The heart has over 40,000~ sensory neurites (the same type of neurons that the brain has), and the rest of your organs in the body have some too but not to that degree as the heart and brain. Therefore, getting the two to connect together will give you the deep insight you need, the pre-cognizance, access to sub-conscious, because the heart doesn’t have the ‘mind talk’ like the brain does. If someone keeps remembering something not serving them, it creates a bigger connection. He showed a video of the neurites getting like little arms and connecting to another neurite which means a memory was formed and bonded. How you break that bond is to basically to choose to let go or stop thinking about it The other thing Gregg talked about was resilience (well that was basically the whole conference). That if a person has a heartbeat that is always static that means they are hard set in their way. Instead they should have a Heart Rate Variable (HRV) which means the beat might beat the same beat for 3 beats then either be a bit faster or slower for a couple and change to something else as that is the best way for the heart. Once you are in the euphoria of that breathing is when you have the heart and brain connection complete.

By putting your hands on your chest, it programs your mind and body to get to that great feeling quicker each time you do this type of meditation. Greg then said that if you first get into that heart/brain connection and then do manifestation from there it will come quicker and easier… which I believe.

  • Put your hands on the center of your chest, just below the collar bone, this is where your Heart Chakra is located
  • Next take deep breaths in and out and feel how your hands are going up and down
  • Keep following your breath and hands going in and out for at least 3 minutes or more. Do it until you feel the connection to your heart. The simplest way to explain it is that it brings peace.
  • Once you feel the connection, then imagine your brain is breathing with your heard. Keep your hands on your chest while doing this. Feel how your IN and OUT breaths are in sync with your heart and brain.
  • Do that for about 3 minutes or longer until you feel the connection.
  • Finally when you have the Heart and Brain connection, then breath in and out your WHOLE BODY. Think of it like when a fish breaths their gills expand and contract. So feel your whole body expanding with each in breath and contract with each out breath.
  • Feel how your whole body now feels calm and your brain has stopped the mind chatter (or as I call it the various shopping lists in your head). Everything is energy including our thoughts. With those thoughts you are manifesting your reality.

STEP 3: Getting it out of your head and onto paper
NOTE: you can use this for a job you want to create, a house, a significant other, a vacation, a promotion, a conference etc.

You are now in the 2nd layer of the Chakra, which is the Heart Chakra. Your thoughts can change with a snap of a finger and you may not realize, you are doing this.

Are you seeing or feeling something and then with a thought your form a belief or opinion from what you really want? Are you unconsciously changing your view of a loved one’s behavior so that they can stay in their life?

By writing out your hearts desires, you are synchronizing your brain and heart together, so they are both on the same page. Plus by you seeing it on paper is forcing you to exam what you really want and it gives you an opportunity to change what you want for something better. Is there a better option for you? By leaving it all in your head with you thoughts, you might be causing a delay.

The important thing is you need to be in full description in your words. Also make sure it is never at your expense (for example, if you are trying to manifest a relationship with a man or woman into your life and you like them to have a good sense of humor, then you would say something like: The man will have a quirky dry sense of humor that is never at my expense).

On first piece of paper you write out 20 points – DO NOT go past 20 points, because your list will be to long and will seem like it will never come true. For the 20 points give full description of what the point is. This is your dictionary vocabulary meaning of each point, as it’s not necessarily what the Webster dictionary meaning of words are, because yours are based of your life experience.
NOTE: for a relationship for a man or woman in your life, you need to base it off of all types of relationships you have personally had or seen in movies, read in books etc. and what you witnessed from friends and family. All of these types of relationships you have formed beliefs and opinions on what you like and don’t like in yourself and what the significant other would be like. This does not mean you would do a different one for each type of relationship (friends, family etc.), you are using all examples to help make your list of Top 20.
For example: for me personally my definition of healthy for a man would be something like: The man will be emotionally and mentally stable. If he becomes either mentally and/or emotionally unstable, he will seek out professional healthcare help. He will do all the necessary work and/or prescribed medication by the professional healthcare practitioner until he becomes mentally and/or emotionally stable again.

Take your time doing the list, and re-do it until it feels right. Think of it this way. When you are going to a party, you will try on a dress or suit until you find the perfect one that feels so right that it makes you feel perfect and beautiful. So do your list until it FEELS RIGHT for the 20 points. If it takes you a week or two that is fine. Make it up and then put it away for 2 days and then go back to see if you want to change points. or remove points to add new ones.

Once you have the Top 20 list done, grab another piece of paper and looking at your list of 20, rearrange them in numerical order of importance. Which of the 20 is your number 1 spot, number 2 spot etc and go thru all 20.

Again, look at the list to see if you need to move any to different spots of importance, until it feels right.

Once it feels right, you tell the Universe this is your invoice for what you want to manifest and for it to be filled.

The points 1 to 6 (minimum) or 1 to 8 (maximum) represent the MUST HAVES, and the points 9 to 20 represent the NICE TO HAVE.

For example, if you go to buy a house the realtor will ask you what your must haves for the house are. The realtor will then focus on getting the most on your MUST HAVE list. If you get the majority of your MUST HAVES you will buy that house. The NICE TO HAVES are your bonus points

As you are doing this step, you may get guidance on doing some action steps. For example for me I started my list for 2018 for what I want to manifest and one of them is getting more exposure for my website and business. I was guided to start writing up my policies and procedures for my company for having more employees. The reason for doing this action is to show the Universe I am ready to take my company to the next level and really grow it. By having the policies and procedures written out, I am ready for that next level and my brain and heart at in sync about it.

STEP 4: Final step to manifestation. As the guides said doing this final step brings you into the 3rd layer of the Chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root). That is where the actually physical manifestation happens.

Take your list and take a picture of it on your phone, post it on your bathroom mirror, post it on your fridge, email it to yourself etc., so you have something to look at throughout the day. Look at it and get excited about it in the NOW.

You now need to figure out your power words to help the manifestation become reality. They can be two words (possibly more) or some random words.

For example of 2 words: I HAVE.., I REMEMBER.., WHAT IF.., I AM.. i LOVE… etc. Examples of random words: SEE, HEAR, FEEL… INTENTION, ACTION, FREEDOM… etc.

For these power words, they only have to make sense to you. They are YOUR WORDS not someone else. They have meaning for YOU, based on your life experiences. When you say them, you typically will feel the power of them in your stomach area (especially Sacral Chakra).

When a client of mine used the 3 random words, I seen them form a triangle in their stomach area. The energy coming off those words in the triangle was a joy to see and feel.

Do another meditation to bring calmness to you. Once you feel that state, then focus on your list by feeling what it would feel like to have it. Imagine what it would feel like WHAT IF IT HAPPENED. See all aspects of it, imagine the colors, the sent, the vibration, of the whole image. It’s like looking at a picture of what you want but then seeing yourself going into the picture and LIVING IT. Now bring in your power words too and feel how they energize you fully. Put any sacred symbol around the words and as your are seeing it happen. Add the words to your paper lists too.

Are you ready to manifest it?

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