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During a client’s Reiki treatment in June 2017, an Indian Guru presented himself to me on the other side of the massage table.  He was a skinny older man around 80 years old, with messy, long white hair and beard. He wore white shorts and sat cross-legged with his hands resting on his thighs. He didn’t speak to me and I didn’t ask any questions of him.  (From my experience, when a client’s “guide” shows up, they will introduce themselves if the client needs to know the guide is there.)

In July of that year, I attended a presentation by Dr. Richard Jelusich on “Cycles of Time.”  I bought both his books, “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras” and “I Can Relate: How We Intuitively Choose the People in Our Lives” because these books take the Chakra system to the next level and I was eager to read more.

A brief aside: the way in which I came to this presentation was actually divine intervention. The owners of The Home of OM, where I was working, were suddenly unable to stay for the presentation and at the last minute asked if I would be willing to. I had a feeling I should stay and I’m glad I did. If they’d have waited 5 minutes more I would have already left. It’s important to be aware of these moments of divine intervention. 

After the presentation, I began reading Dr. Jelusich’s book, “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras.” At the time I was determined to read it twice cover to cover and figure out which Chakra I was dominant in. About a third of the way through the book on my first read, the Indian Guru showed up again! It was then he told me I was ready to learn the next level of the Chakras.  

I asked him what he meant by this and he explained that all modalities start with a firm foundation of knowledge that is then passed onto those who wish to learn about it.  There then comes a tipping point where the majority of the population understands the basics of a concept and is ready to learn more. (For the Chakras, it’s taken thousands of years.) In understanding this next level, people will be able to achieve faster healing as the focus is now about turning inward. 

The Indian Guru also told me I had to learn more about human anatomy because the position of one’s organs and body parts relate to a corresponding Chakra. For example, he explained the Kidney and Adrenals are above the belly button and thus belong to the Solar Plexus Chakra and not the Root or Sacral as current teachings say.  

He went on to say that each Chakra communicates to the rest of the body using a main part or system:

  •   Third Eye uses the Central Nervous System
  •   Throat uses the sound of your voice
  •   Heart uses the Cardiovascular System
  •   Solar Plexus uses nutrition (stomach)
  •   Sacral uses the emotions
  •   Root uses the Lymphatic System
  •   The Crown and Root are gateways as described in Dr. Jelusich’s book and I agree.


The Indian Guru also explained that the Chakras now need to be broken down into 3 layers to help us further understand the Power of 3-2-1, meaning:

Power of 3 – You, the Earth, and the Universe (or God).  Mother-Father-Child.   The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Top-Middle-Below, etc.
Power of 2 – Black-White.  You-Me.  Wife-Husband.  Love-Hate.  Happiness-Sadness.  Yin-Yang, etc.
Power of 1 – Your oneness with and connection to all that there is and all there will ever be.


The 3 Layers of the Chakras

  Layer 1 consists of the: Crown, 3rd Eye, and Throat.
  Layer 2 consists of the: Heart Chakra
  Layer 3 consists of the: Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root


3 Layers of FORGIVENESS:

Layer 1 is about forgiving yourself.  After all, your brain is in Layer 1 and that is where all your thoughts are formed.
Layer 2 is about forgiving all the people involved in a situation whether they were the main people in the event or witnesses to it.  People who observe a situation are affected by it because they carry thoughts about the situation well after it is over.
Layer 3 is about forgiving where a situation happened, as a place carries energy too. (For example, think of the Nazi concentration camps – people who visit these places can feel the negative energy from events that happened years ago.) Spaces need a lot of forgiveness from everyone as well.


Everything is created twice. First it exists as a thought before it can be created physically.  

The thought happens in the Layer 1 Chakras (Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat). Then it moves to the Layer 2 Chakra (Heart), as in, “Ah, I want it.” Finally, it moves to the Layer 3 Chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root) to become reality. 

At this point, your thought has become so tangible you can taste it, feel it, smell it, know it and sense it. In particular, our Solar Plexus Chakra is about manifestation and the Sacral is about emotions.  We are told to trust our gut and to feel the success we want. When we align our goals with our inner brilliance we achieve success, whether it is personal, positional, or worldly.

3 Layers of DISCUSSION:

Layer 1 – The people operating from this layer are all about logic, detail, and being “by the book.” They want to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. They will say things like, “Can’t you see / understand what I’m saying? It’s so obvious. It’s as plain as the nose on your face!” But of course, you can’t reason with a walking book! These people are NOT grounded.
Layer 2 – The people in this layer are all about unconditional love with no attachment and being fully grounded.  They are neither overly emotional nor overly invested.  They are grounded in the present moment.
Layer 3 – The people in this layer are all about emotions and feeling.  They are the drama king/queens.  They want to be SEEN and they want you to FEEL what they are feeling.  But you can’t reason with crazy.  People in this layer feel like you’re stabbing them in the back because you do not feel what they feel. These people are NOT grounded.

 It’s easy to tell what layer someone is in and even what layer you’re in. For people in Layer 3, they usually have their arms flailing, with tears, and big emotion. They might say things like, “Don’t you see what you’re doing to me?!” For people in Layer 1, they’ll be intellectualizing and throwing facts at you like there’s no tomorrow. 

We all need to be in Layer 2 – no attachment and unconditional love.  In Layer 2, both the heart and brain are communicating in synchronicity with emotions and logic both in balance. If you find yourself in either Layer 1 or 3, you need to ground yourself in whatever way you need to bring yourself back to Layer 2.


Put it into Practice:

One way to put these ideas into practice is as follows. Say you find yourself in Layer 1 – you’re all logic, intellectualizing, and detail-oriented. If this is you, you need to go into Layer 3 and feel. You may be suppressing feelings that need to be acknowledged. There may be aspects of a situation that you are trying to rationalize but what you need to do is feel

Alternatively, if you find yourself in Layer 3 in that you’re highly emotional and feel like everything is a personal affront, you need to look at the facts with neutrality. Examine things with no added feeling or evaluation. By going to these opposite layers, you bring yourself back to center – back to Layer 2. 

There may be times when you’re in conversation with someone and you need to bring yourself back to Layer 2.

If you find yourself having a discussion with someone who is in Layer 1 or 3, they’re not grounded. Do the self-care lie by telling the person you are having a “discussion” with that you ate something bad and need to run to the bathroom. (Everyone understands diarrhea.) You now have 10 minutes to ground yourself.

When you return, you can say, “Thank you for that. Please continue what you were saying.” Sometimes stepping away from someone who’s stuck in Layer 1 or 3 will give that person enough time to calm down – when you step away, they also have no audience to feed off of. 

If you find you’re not grounded again (not in Layer 2), you can either use the same comment again (everyone knows diarrhea is not a one time occurrence) OR you can put your hand across the center of your chest and just breathe and follow the breath while listening to that person. 

Your Thymus Gland is located just below your throat and collar bone.  By putting your hand across your chest, parallel with your collarbone, you are also touching two other points (the soft spots on either side of the Thymus Gland) which can help to neutralize negative energy, exude calm, revamp positive energy, support healing and vibrant health, and boost your immune system.

 As I learn more, I will continue to write about this on the blog. Thank you for reading. 

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