1000butterflies - april 15 2021

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Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

2020 has been one helluva year, wouldn’t you agree?

I wrote earlier how 2020 was to be a year of shifting energy far beyond normal energy shifts which only last about five days. This was a year of doing the huge internal work on ourselves. And it wasn’t always easy.

But that internal work is necessary to bring about peace and understanding in life. Your internal work is part of your path in life. And we all have our own work to do in bringing out the truth in ourselves. This work is needed in order to build a strong foundation of community, compassion, and togetherness. To stand as ONE for every human, animal, plant and everything on Earth and in the Universe, we must all do that deep internal work.

I am in no way perfect.  I do not have all the answers all the time. I screw up. I own it.  I apologize. When I’ve come out of a dark period, I’ve looked back and thought, “That wasn’t pretty.” But I’m grateful to those who have listened to me and allowed me to progress through those times of darkness. I have welcomed every thought and comment you’ve given me – even if it took a while to acknowledge it.

As for my clients, I am so honoured to witness each of you growing into the beautiful butterflies you are.

I once had a client ask me what I meant when I said, “Look how strong you are! I’m so proud of you.”  This took me by surprise because honestly, I thought it was obvious! I explained that I see the strength in them because they are doing something important for themselves, making conscious choices, and that they are capable! Moreover, they’re not alone in seeking what they want and need – help is always available. I also explained that what they feel during and after a treatment is truly of their own making – I am simply helping them along. I’m told clients feel relaxed, grounded, and balanced in treatments, but also in my general presence and I truly take this to heart.

Witnessing a client’s breakthrough or Ah Ha! moment brings me so much joy and love. Here’s a brief anecdote a client shared with me:

“I was struggling to find answers around a business idea. In my uncertainty, I turned to my mom and boyfriend for insight. They both responded to me such fear and uncertainty, telling me not to pursue it even though, in many ways, I knew that this venture was a good thing. I felt hurt, sad, and lost.

 On our call together, you helped me realize that their fear was actually out of love. These people in my life love me and want me to be secure and successful (and that’s what I want too). But they expressed how they thought I should do it and it was different from my own vision. My uncertainty was reflected back to me through these people I went to for help. That’s why there was hurt and misunderstanding.

 This makes me really think so many things in life must be like this – so often we want the same thing but have different ideas how to get there. Or we seek comfort because we’re scared and all we get back is more fear. But after talking with you, I can even go to them with thanks for the love they feel for me and see what their intention was.”


 My Own Aha! Moment

Given what I do, some people assume I’m tranquil all the time. But of course even I have major hot buttons!  A friend and I had a disagreement recently that caused me to stop and reflect.

My friend said they couldn’t believe how much I could “hate someone” given what I do for a living. Yes, I’m going there. I’m talking about Donald Trump.

First of all, I actually don’t hate him. Yes, I’m angry about how he treats people. I believe a great leader ought to have compassion for everyone and act on it. A real leader is encouraging, truthful, empowering, but they also put things straight with no bullshit and admit when they make a mistake – they ask for forgiveness. Leaders have such power to make some of the biggest changes in the world and that comes with A LOT of responsibility. I don’t see Donald Trump as having the qualities of a great leader – as I know many others don’t either.

Even though I strongly disagree with how he treats people, Donald Trump is a powerful teacher for our times. What I mean by this is, he was both a wake-up call and a motivation for many to take action in the world and their communities. In unexpected ways, he’s brought many people together.

I think many of us can agree that the world needs to take a sharp turn in a better direction. We need to come together to address the major problems of our time: these are problems that require collective action. In many ways Trump is a reminder that what’s been happening is everyone’s responsibility.

What I mean by this is: we are responsible for what goes on in the world. The good and the bad. By bad I’m talking about violence, the spreading of lies, environmental ruin, child abuse, corporate greed, profits over people, corruption – just to name a few things. We allow these things to happen when we turn and look the other way. Or when we vote for someone that is simply “the lesser of two evils” because we don’t have better options that feel like real leadership. We don’t demand more. We become complacent and then we become complicit. How sad is that?

Through my disagreement with my friend I had an Aha! moment around Donald Trump and why he was needed as this point in time. Human beings are capable of incredible compassion and humanity. Through hardship (whether historical, global, or even personal), we are invited to care for one another – to rise to the occasion. Donald Trump is in some ways such an undeniable (in-our-face example) that things have gone off the rails… We are now constantly forced to question “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING AND HOW CAN WE FIX IT?”  Whether directly or indirectly, Donald Trump’s very presence has gotten many people to wake up.

For example: note the creation and success of the Me Too Movement. My editor, Tracy, suspects that the success of the Me Too movement was also partially due to Donald Trump’s obscene comments (you remember – “grab them by the *****”). Women in Hollywood (and many other workplaces) have long experienced sexual harassment and abuse, often with many around them being aware of such treatment and yet not saying anything about it. The Me Too movement saw the removal of many sexual predators from positions of power. And in fact, many important groups have received much more support this year including groups like Black Lives Matter.

My Aha! moment went like this:

  • Nothing seems to be going smoothly worldwide and there are major problems with many world leaders in power. They are not facilitating the positive change we need.
  • Where is the focus of people or organizations that would be able to do something about this? (i.e., the CSIS, MI6, FBI or CIA, Interpol, etc.) Where is the accountability?
  • Many people listen to everything Donald Trump says and trust him completely. He has a way of activating people as we have clearly seen over the last few years (both for and against him). I would even say that his way of activating people and communities is in many ways more effective than many politicians from the past – whether for good or bad.
  • So: If we want change, we need activation. We need big movements. This is especially true now in the age of social media and digital connection.
    For example, recall the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). The challenge went viral and became a social media phenomenon, raising awareness and getting people’s attention. Over 220 Million dollars were raised for the disease through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • Change needs to happen globally.

As we know, Donald Trump is not a career politician – but he does have over 87 million Twitter followers. Many people find him compelling in some way. That said, many of us don’t actually trust politicians anymore. It’s one of the main reasons people voted for him in the first place. His presence has activated many in ways that previous politicians haven’t.

I’ve asked the guides, “How can we trust anything that is on the internet or what people say, WHAT IS TRUTH?

The guides gave me the answer by stating:

You have to trust in you, know your values, what is it that you know is truthful? This will require you to go within yourself as this will take you out of the chaos. Breathe deeply.  Do this many times until you can hear YOUR VOICE and not the voice of others.” Doing as the Guides said brought me clarity. The guides also stated this for every person on the Earth: “Someone’s truth doesn’t mean it has to be your truth.  There are many paths up the mountain, but everyone doesn’t follow the same path.”

 I stopped and reflected on this guidance.

When I look at it this way I understand why in September the Guides said to “ground into yourself instead of grounding outside of yourself. When you ground into yourself, you automatically ground with Earth and the Universe because each encapsulates the other.

Grounding this way stops all the chaotic voices because you are focusing on your own body: the inhale and exhales, the pains, the twinges, and anything else you might be feeling. This gets you to step back and get out of the chaos energy of the world so that you can be above it, not in it.

This ties into the many teachings out there that talk about “as above, so below, as within you, so outside of you.” What I feel inside is reflected back to me like a mirror through interactions with other people. This is also why the deep internal work is so important. When we are in alignment with our own truth, we can see truth reflected back at us.

When I did this I could see that my friend and I were mirroring each other. In my hostility toward Trump, my friend was mirroring hostility towards me – saying my hatred of someone was disturbing to my friend. We both took a couple of weeks to step back out of the negative emotional energy I was projecting in our last conversation. I remembered that, as I was projecting, I got a feeling of a disconnect. The guides asked, “Is this important?” I was able to see that we actually do support each other in stopping crimes against humanity and seeking positive global change. We actually do want many of the same things! We just have different ideas about how to get there.

Each of us has a meaningful path. Hopefully you can see that others also have a purpose for their paths as well. It doesn’t mean you have to be on the same path, but recognize we each have our own reasons, our own work we need to do along our paths. We have to remember that there is not one person that will be the lone leader for this change, it will actually be a global endeavor from all of humanity to make the changes. We are all the leaders of the change NOW.  

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