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I woke up at 4 in the morning on February 26. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started to meditate. I began reflecting on big global shifts, energy shifts, and personal shifts because 2020 is the year for going deep within oneself to rediscover truths we forgot and feel connection to oneness. (Read more on this in my previous post.)  

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a huge wash of energy come over me. 

It was as if I’d been lifted up out of my condo.  I felt so expansive – I felt part of everything – far beyond my normal connections. 

I quickly asked, “Is this feeling just me or all of Earth?” And the answer was – Yes, it was all of Earth. The Guides told me that a great shift was starting to happen. I kept thinking: “shift happening, shift happening, shift happening and then it was SHIT HAPPENING!”

I sensed this shift was for a large majority of the population to reach the next level of enlightenment. I felt there were going to be many deaths during this time, too. A time of big change and rediscovery. I could tell this energetic shift wouldn’t be just a normal 1 to 3 day event. It felt much more sustained – to last anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks. 

After my meditation, I texted my soul sister in Newfoundland (since she was 3.5 hours ahead of me and had also been feeling deeply connected with everything). I asked her to check into the energy on Earth and tell me what she felt. She confirmed that she too was feeling detachment from the world, but a deep sense of peace within herself and the Earth – all love love love. She explained she’d been having crazy dreams and could feel something big was beginning to happen. When I told her what I was feeling, she felt the shift was also long-lasting and would go to the end of the year! 

In July 2017, I attended a presentation by Dr. Richard Jelusich called “Cycles of Consciousness and the Rhythms of Time through Ancient Civilizations.” During his talk, Dr. Jelusich, a scholar of many different cultures, referred to Walter Cruttenden’s book, “The Great Year.” He described how Ancient Cultures predicted the mass changes we are currently observing in the world today. He said we are now in the “Golden Era of Inner Transformation,” also known as “Dwapara” Yuga, the era of the awareness of subtle energy.

He also explained the 26,000-year cycle of consciousness called the “Yugas” and how three different cultures (India, Greece, and astrologers) viewed the shifting waves of awareness through these cycles. He said the Mayan calendar has both feminine and masculine energies with the 13,000-year reign of masculine energy ending on December 21, 2012. The next 13,000 years after this will be feminine energy ascending to the top of the calendar considered by all cultures as Golden Enlightenment. At the beginning of this period, a large part of the world will reach enlightenment and this group will then help the rest of the world so we can all reach enlightenment as one. 

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On the New Moon for March 24, 2020, the energy shifted again. I felt like it was easing up just slightly to allow us all a moment to catch our breath. A lot has happened in these 27 days. 

In all this, I was recently contemplating the idea of “separation.” It got me thinking about how I see/perceive/feel everything in the world as flowing energy. In this way, there are no borders, boundaries, or separation from anything. 

For me, everything feels connected. 

When I look up at the stars, I can see lines joining everything in all directions. When I had my first eye exam, I remember seeing “red lines” joining all the letters on the eye chart. Or when I’m doing Reiki on a client, the room is dark with just a line of light from under the door and the glow of the exit sign. In these moments during a session, I can literally see the “space” around the client. 

I realize this might be confusing. When most of us see space between two points, we don’t really see anything. (It’s hard to see “empty space,” after all – it would be like seeing gravity or seeing air. It’s hard if you don’t know what to look for.) But for me, I can see actual “stuff” between two points – what most people would consider “empty space.” It’s very tangible to me. 

And you can see this too. If you were to hold your hand 6-8 inches from your face and soften your gaze, you too can see the “space” between your hand and eyes. Give it a few minutes and even imagine a spot between these two points. You too can see that connection. 

Right now, this connection to everything has been difficult because I’m more tired than usual and I know I’m not alone in this. Prior to COVID-19, every person was in their own thoughts, on their own “channel of thoughts.” Now we are all present and focused on what is happening – because of COVID-19, we are all on the same channel. I know that everyone is feeling full of uncertainty in light of this too – there is a lot of fear circulating and this makes us feel drained. 

We all need to take more space and time for ourselves. I’m in the flow of this energy and have to focus on being here on Earth but not pulled into the chaos of everything. “Being above it” so to speak. Every person, animal, plant, and Earth itself is going through this energy shift right now too – and we are all processing it how we can. For me, I choose to hold the space and be there for those who reach out to me. 

The best advice I can offer during this time is to BREATHE. To meditate, to go within and really look at what you want and need so you can let go of what has a hold on you. 

We are in the Golden Age of Enlightenment, and what this means for you is to be aware. You don’t have to make or “do” anything – but be aware. The choice is yours for where and what you want or need to do. This is the time to take stock of YOU so you can make the changes you have to. That’s what this shift is for. 

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