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Are you still in the “lather, rinse, repeat” phase of your life!!!

You hear your friends/cousins/co-workers etc ask “Why do I keep dating/attracting the same type of people into my life?” Are you stuck in a cycle? Read on to find out how to get out of that cycle…


Is this the most important word for us to use right now?

What is that one word that can bring in the answers to all your questions, or bring peace into your or bring balance? Find out what it is….


What if this is the question we are all asked when we are at the pearly gates???

You are have died and are standing at the pearly gates wondering what happens next and what will the Angels ask about your life and you think “OMG I hope I get it right so I can pass thru into Heaven”. It’s your turn and you are asked only one question and you stand there and answer ………


I am not afraid anymore – I am living in the NOW instead because I am in control.

Doing this work can be very nerve wracking because I was trying to please everyone. That gets nothing but stress and lack of sleep. I am standing in my power of me. Here is why…..