1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

I was guided to do this recording for letting go and releasing for whatever a person hearing it would like to release and let go of.  The guides said to have it posted for 2021.

I use the sound of my voice through humming to help move energy.  I find that when I pitch the sound to various levels I can feel where energy is moving freely and were blocks are.

This recording was done on December 23 2020.

For the aromatherapy used during the recording, Earth, Air and Ether, I purchased them from Hagswag  (HTTPS://www.hagswag.ca)

One thing I noticed during this recording was the loud ringing in my ears and head.  I could feel the guides moving the energy in a TORUS pattern and it would expand way out and come back in.  Sometimes it felt like it was going out to the horizon in all directions. The strongest was in the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakras.  A number of times throughout the recording I would use one hand to move the energy and then to the other hand.

I had a number of crystals on the table in front of me while doing the recording:

> Rose Quartz
> Moldavite
> Shamanic Quartz
> single point clear Quartz
> Floruite a friend gifted me
> 2 stones from a special extremely high energy place in Nova Scotia a friend gifted me
> a temple stone with high energies from Bali that a friend gifted me
> a beautiful stone with very high energies from a special place in Golden BC a friend gifted me
> a stone from the coast of BC a friend gifted me
> a stone from the shores of Newfoundland a friend gifted me
> finally two other stones that I don’t recall their name but remember them for having ancient teachings within them (I bought them from EarthGems in Calgary)


Prepare how you normally prepare for a meditation.  There are no rules for listening.  If you need to sneeze or move or dance or laugh etc., please do so.  Just remember to breath.  Listen to what your body is telling you it needs.  If you need some help try these steps:

I invite you to try this breathwork practice and observe what happens. Allow to feel into your whole soul body (aura and physical body).

Here are the breathwork steps:

  1. First connect fully with your body so you can feel your whole body breathing with each inhale and exhale.  Do this by putting both your hands on your chest with your fingers overlapping each other.  The heel of your palms should be near your shoulder/arm.  This is called the triple warmer and it calms people down.
  2. Now just breath in and out and follow your breath with your chest and arms going up and down.
  3. Once you feel this connection, establish the connection with your whole aura (outside your physical body). Trust where you feel the outer limit of your aura.  You can put your arms out as if you are going into a hug (it will look like your arms are in a semi-circle) and move your arms in (on the exhale) and out (on the inhale).
  4. Breathe in your aura with your physical body and feel this in the inhale and exhale. Feel the outer edge of your aura going in and out.
  5. If you feel your aura is to far out, consciously bring it in closer to you with each exhale.

This is breathing in your whole soul body!

I hope you are able to let go and release whatever you wish to.  Listen as many times as you wish.


Mary Anne

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