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Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

When a client has a Reiki treatment with me, they have the choice of:

  • No music
  • playing their own music (every genre is allowed, yes even heavy metal)
  • letting me choose the music from my collection.

I also ask the client’s permission if I can also HUM during the Reiki treatment.

When I am humming during the Reiki treatment, I imagine Mother-Father Earth energies and Mother-Father Universe energies going through the whole inside of the client’s body and also within the whole Aura.  I will also imagine in no particular order, the element energies of: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, Sun, Moon and Universe.

This is also going through my whole body and Aura too.

The guides said that it is very important to really ground in this last quarter, as the shifting energy if very heavy (in the positive way if you flow with it)

I was guided by my guides to produce this mini-healing by just humming bringing in the energies as I stated above.  I would love to know what you feel and see while listening to either audio files.  I will say that during the recording I could feel the guides moving the energy up and down.  There is alot more that happened, but I want you to feel into your experience.

Updated Dec 04, 2020 – I am choosing to let you know what I experienced/seen when I made this recording.  The recording was done at the beginning of November 2020.   I didn’t want to put my thoughts in your head – I wanted you to have your experience with the recording because it is truthfully your own – not mine.   I didn’t understand how powerful it was until today.  Let me explain.  During the recording healing, I was feeling many guides moving the energies up and down in a Torus effect within my body and within my Aura.  There was alot of geometry being shown and drawn all within my physical body and the Aura.  The expansiveness of the energy was so beautiful.  The last image and feeling I got was the most powerful I have ever felt, and yet it was the most loving and gentle too.  I was sitting on top of what I thought was a pyramid because the sides where shaped like a pyramid and it looked like a pyramid too. There was lush forest all around or as far as I could see – not a tropical forest, a North American forest.  I was seeing all these green tree tops, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, birds flying and singing, animals every where etc. and I was sitting cross legged on top looking out.

Since the recording I have been doing deep work on my shadow side.  I was given bits of information during many discussions with friends.  They were not pretty discussion either.  The guides pointed out this week that those tough discussions where MIRROR WORK – as above, so below, as inside, so outside.  The guides gave little snippets of guidance all through the week like:  “someone’s truth doesn’t have to be your truth“, “there are many ways to get up the mountain“, and “You both want the same thing, but are doing it different ways

 The “pyramid” mountain I was sitting on was symbolic of reaching the top by taking the path that I needed to be on.  It was my path to take no matter how long it took me, just as your path is your way.  I was shown the bigger Universe picture of why things are happening.  It is truly to have everyone come into their power of enlightenment.  By all of us choosing our own path up that mountain of change, we will all meet at the top to see the beautiful lush vibrant landscape that we are all part of.  You will have the peace, calm, grounding, healing etc. you are looking for

You may ask how can this recording of healing work for you when I experienced it in my body, it will because you will be connected to the same energy in the recording.    Trust me I had to ask the guides the question too.  Think of it this way – when you think of someone they call or text you – same concept.



Prepare how you normally prepare for a meditation.  There are no rules for this, if you need to sneeze or move or dance or laugh etc., please do so.  Listen to what your body is telling you it needs.  If you need some help try these steps:

I invite you to try this breathwork practice and observe what happens. Let us feel into our whole soul body (aura and physical body).

Here are the breathwork steps:

  1. First connect fully with your body so you can feel your whole body breathing with each inhale and exhale.  Do this by putting both your hands on your chest with your fingers overlapping each other.  The heel of your palms should be near your shoulder/arm.  This is called the triple warmer and it calms people down.
  2. Now just breath in and out and follow your breath with your chest and arms going up and down.
  3. Once you feel this connection, establish the connection with your whole aura (outside your physical body). Trust where you feel the outer limit of your aura.  You can put your arms out as if you are going into a hug (it will look like your arms are in a semi-circle) and move your arms in (on the exhale) and out (on the inhale).
  4. Breathe in your aura with your physical body and feel this in the inhale and exhale. Feel the outer edge of your aura going in and out.
  5. If you feel your aura is to far out, consciously bring it in closer to you with each exhale.

This is breathing in your whole soul body!


This first recording is the original unedited version.  There are long pauses during it and that is because I am taking a slow deep breath or I am feeling/seeing what the guides are doing in that moment.


This version is edited as I trimmed down the long pauses.  I did have a friend check both and the friend said both were really good, but they felt “more” with the edited version.


Enjoy and Namaste

Mary Anne

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