1000butterflies - april 15 2021

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While I was meditating during the last week of December 2019, I reflected on what 2019 has been for me, my family, friends and the world. I reflected on how I got to where I am today. I had to admit from June to December 2019; it was a very long and difficult time. I had several very important people in my life pass away during that time. I miss them every day. We all deal with our grief our way; our own time and some people are still deep in their grief.
I wondered what 2020 would bring for me and everyone else in the world. I allowed the energy of the thought to ebb and flow within my meditation.
The message I received was this:
The last two years have been the biggest step towards a massive change/shift within everyone who does “the internal work” on themselves. It was the right time to step forward for anyone who wanted change and purpose. Many people have forged the path ahead of us to show you can achieve your dreams and goals, but it will take a lot of work for you to discover who you are at the core. The theme for the last two years was “DO IT BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT”
2018 was the “first step year” for many. It was the year of no more excuses and admitting you needed to work on yourself. Knowing that you needed to do things because the same patterns you followed so far was no longer working. It required you to research, asking others for help, trying different approaches. Yes, some things you tried worked, other things didn’t and somewhere “MEH, whatever”. This work required facing everything in your life from birth to where you are at today seeing it as it was. By doing this, you could get the control in your life, so you experienced no more emotional triggers/events allowing you to feel/achieve balance, centered and grounded. Stopping the endless thoughts running rampant in your head. Let’s be honest, there was a lot of frustrating, nail-biting, tear-filled, laughter, head-shaking moments of it all. Some of us gave up because “it was too hard to deal”, others persevered on through every emotion that came up to discover you are worth it.
2019 was the year of going deeper to discover who you are. Discovering all the bits and pieces of you didn’t know about or forgot. It required forgiving yourself and others, learning to love and accepting who you are and of others, trying new things that you hadn’t tried before, even thinking outside of your “box”. This is where you discovered your voice had strength, power, and beauty. With your voice you could ask for the things you wanted; you could tell people how you felt/wanted. Through the expression, you could let people know when they did something wrong, instead of hiding behind “non-confrontational” wording. It was the toughest frustrating year of letting go of the ancestral ties and the beliefs you have.
2020 will be a very huge transformational year with huge energy in the positive. It will bring the biggest shift in people to freedom and enlightenment.
It is time for you to let go of your past that has taken over your thoughts and to step fully into who you are.
One of the biggest things is to see the people around you as a person to see who they are. We must drop the labels we give them because those labels are limiting and cause us to make excuses for people’s behavior or action, even for ourselves too. Time to speak up without fearing the actions/emotions of the other person. The person will still have those emotions/actions no matter what. The power of your speaking authentically shows you can trust and believe in yourself; it strengthens your being.
I believe in you. I see you too.
Namaste to you all.
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