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Kinetic Balls, or more properly, Newton’s Cradle are called so because they demonstrate newton’s third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In this picture they are represented by the stop watch.
Lets assign timelines of your life to each stop watch.  Starting from the far left is 1 month or longer in the past, the 2nd ball from the left is 1 month or less in the past, the middle ball is today (present moment), the  next to the right is up to 1 month in the future and the last ball to the right is 1 month or more in the future.
Where are you spending the majority of your time along that timeline?  If you are to far in the past or to far in the future your life is out of balance.
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Yin and Yang are a Chinese symbol for balance and harmony, and the opposite forces of nature. The symbol comes from Taoism which is a religion from China. Yin is the dark swirl and is considered as the feminine energy, the Yang is the white swirl and is considered the masculine energy.  Within each side it has a dot of the opposite color because Yin carries within itself budding Yang and Yang carries within itself budding Yin.  Each bud is to create balance within each.
It is also reflected within the human body, with the left side of the human brain (logical) is warm masculine energy controlling the left side of the body from the neck down and right side of the human brain (creativity) is cooling feminine energy controlling the right side of the body from the neck down.
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The symbol has two colors, White and Black which symbolize nature’s balance of forces such as Good and Evil, Up and Down, Light and Dark, Male and Female, Life and Death, etc; basically, this symbol represents the Positive and Negative forces in the Universe and within each of us. Together these two opposite energies create harmony and balance within the Universe and within each of us when they become one. These energies exist in all living matter and are the basis of life since nothing can exist by itself.
The guides said to use the symbol to represent a person’s life.  The dark represents whatever you feel holds you back. The white represents what you consider moves you forward. These are your memories, thoughts and beliefs.
If you are stuck in the past over incidents/situations by going over and over these thoughts like a long running movie, with thoughts of “should of, would of, could of” OR “next time I see xxxx I will…..“. You are out of balance. Vice versa if you are constantly stuck in the future with your head in the clouds (people say that to you), you are again out of balance. NOTE there is a difference between planning the future and just being in the future permanently. Both the past and the future you need to bring into balance by staying in the present moments. You get the balance by facing every time that you have a negative emotional trigger about any situation or event. If it didn’t bother you, you would go through life like a straight arrow. An negative emotional trigger is a sign you are out of balance. I know this might seem wrong but trust me it is not. Coming from your Heart Chakra brings the balance back into your life. I do tell my clients there is a caveat to all of this too. This means to express yourself in the moment, because if you are angry be angry, or sad, or happy, or joyful whatever. If you try to suppress your feeling or expressing yourself fully by pushing them down and ignoring them, they will come up in other events in your life.  By being in your Heart Chakra you are there with no conditions and no attachments.   For someone can say something about you and are like “eh whatever” and just continue on with the conversation as if it’s not a big deal.
A friend once told me that they purposely keeps their dark energy down, but they can feel when it wants to rear its ugly head and it won’t be pretty when it happens. I asked my friend if it was time to deal with it. My friend said they have but I know my friend hasn’t fully because it’s still there waiting to burst out. But I can see and hear in my friend’s voice when we talk that my friend is slowly (and this is my friend’s WAY not my way) coming to terms with everything.  My friend has already identified that it all starts back with my friend’s childhood and teenage years but isn’t ready to fully face it all. I am honoring my friend that way. Its my friend’s life and I am holding space for my friend as my friend figures out on how to let go of the rage that has a hold on my friend’s heart and throat.  This dark energy my friend talks about holds my friend back because my friend can always feel it just under the surface and if something triggers my friend, well then my friend has to fight internally to keep it under control for fear my friend might strike out and hurt others around my friend.
To get yourself into the present moment you will need to work on you.  Our first purpose in life is to love ourselves unconditional, be proud of who we are.  Remember we are all born enlightened.   I use negative emotional triggers as a sign that I need to work on what is bothering me.  I have found that at the beginning it takes time to work through and make peace with the event that triggered the emotion.  But as I continued to do it each time, the time it took me to understand where it is coming from (90% of the time it’s from my childhood or teenage years) took less time.
Think of it like an company’s organization chart, where you are the CEO and the VIP level is the main beliefs and issues you have.  Underneath each of the VIP levels are all the smaller issues that feed into their own VIP level (with potential to feed into other VIP levels.  As you understand and make peace through forgiveness of one of your issues on the VIP level, it will either solve that whole leg of that VIP with all the feeders underneath, or it will just solve that one issue and another will move up into it.  The thing to realize is that as you work through all of the issues, your organization chart eventually gets to just you the CEO because you have reached the goal of unconditional love for yourself being proud.  From that state you help and teach others too.
It is very important you do this journey of self-reflection and self-discovery your way. If you do it your way, then you will be successful. Trying to follow someone else’ “trending” way can work if you agree and understand it. If you find it hard to follow etc., then just take the parts that make sense and start with that. It’s your life, do it your way.
This is one of the biggest things I have learnt this year, through my research, engaging with clients, my own personal work and what the guides/Angels/God have taught me. If you want the answers you have to start by asking questions and it doesn’t matter if it is a small question and or huge one. There is no right way or wrong way to start, there is just a you way.  Just ask and pick a point and start from there.  I do encourage you to have a good support system to help you.  I found with myself, friends and clients that have done this, having someone (s) to talk to that won’t make it about themselves or try to fix it for you, the support system just needs to be the person (s) who hold the space for you.  I do ask that you be committed to doing this work, because if you are doing it to get sympathy or for attention or praise etc., your friends will see through it and will stop helping you.  Remember you are worth it.  If you want the life you crave then you need to do the work.  I had an old friend once say “I thought I only had one problem and once I fixed that my life will be perfect”.  When we talked about what was going on in her life she seen she had a lot of things she needed to deal with.
The guides once told me that everyone is born enlightened (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlightenment_(spiritual)) being in the present moment. It is why as a baby we don’t talk. Babies are the perfect example of enlightenment. They sleep, wake, eat, poop and love unconditionally without asking for anything in return other than your unconditional love for keeping the baby safe, feed, clothed and happy. As the baby grows during the childhood years, they listen to everyone else around them (this goes with all input they receive, whether from TV, watching other people, or engaging in anything) and they take it for the gospel truth because they are being told what is right and what is wrong. Yes, even if the family dynamics are abusive in any form. The child loves unconditionally and trust the people telling them even if it hurts them or feels wrong. We didn’t come with a manual that said “do this to be right and not this because it’s bad”. Then in the teenage years, we get more courage and strength because we have our peers, the internet etc. to also influence us. The teenagers flagged as ‘black sheep” where the ones who tried to speak up about things being bad and where shut down, because let’s be honest as adults do we really believe the kids if they are saying something bad is going on at home or even want to get involved? Then when the teenager graduates they are told they are adults. Now that adult has to go through life with what they were taught in those childhood and teenage years.
We are at a great time in our lives right now. If you look at your parents and down the food chain of their parents and their parents, they were all taught things based on the science and technology at the times. Go back 300 years and at that time where you were born you tended to stay there for life. If you had a job it was for life. Because of this community setting, what everyone said or did was all there was to go on for beliefs whether it was really right or was wrong. If a person traveled away from where they grew up, they formed new beliefs etc. based on what they learnt and then they would bring it back to where they lived and talked about it. When I grew up through school in the 70’s I had access to the internet, magazines, libraries etc. Dr. Spock was the bible for raising kids when I started my family in the 90’s, today Dr. Spock has been replaced with a lot of other material.
Remember your parents and down the food chain of parents’ lineage, they were taught how their parents taught them. Until a parent makes a choice to change (and ask for forgiveness if need be) a belief (s), they will continue doing the same thing over and over again and pass it onto their children or other people around them. So allow that they did things based on what they knew at the time. Please allow the opportunity to forgive them in your heart and yourself too.
Based on all of that ask yourself, how were you taught to laugh, speak in public, negotiate, love, deal with anger or sadness etc.? The majority of your beliefs were formed in your childhood and teenage years. For me personally I honestly don’t remember my parents telling me they loved me. I know they did, but I don’t think it was ever told to me. I can remember when I was 16 years old and I said to myself that if I ever have children, I will always tell them I love them and how proud of them I am. I have done that, and I have a great relationship with my 2 children. They freely express their love. I have even had friends comment that they envy that part of my relationship with my children. I started to say it to my parents more after having my children. To this day when I tell my mom “bye I love you” she always replies with Yeah. Honestly, I am ok with her reply because that is how she says I love you too. I don’t want her to do or say something she doesn’t know how to say or is uncomfortable, because maybe I love you has negative feelings for her. I honor her for being her.
That is one other thing to think about during this. For every word in the Webster’s dictionary it will have more then one meaning. Just as you may have a different meaning for the same word. Your vocabulary is based off of everything you have personally experienced, witnessed, watched, felt etc. for every day you are alive. You should explore what your meaning are for words and don’t assume you know it. I was talking to my girlfriend one day and she was talking about how she feels betrayed all the time. One time her boyfriend and her had a big fight. I told her when we talked on the phone that the fight had nothing to do with her and it was all him and being in his pain body (this means the things you fight internally with yourself and makes you angry, hurt etc.). I asked her if she was doing her journaling and she said she wasn’t and did tell me where I could stuff the journaling.  The guides showed me a different way for her to do it, and it was for her to just write a word. She didn’t have to define it, but just write a word down, either daily, hourly, weekly, monthly. It was her way and to do it her way. Two days later she texted me to tell me she wrote a word down and the definition. The word was “Betrayal” and her definition is: “when someone doesn’t do something, I want them to do then I feel betrayed”. When I read that I replied back “oh you get betrayed a lot huh”. Again, she gave me some choice words on where I could stuff it. But here is the thing, she does the same work I do and has been working on herself, so she knows she is not in control of anyone and can’t make them do anything if they don’t want to. She said that she didn’t realize what her meaning of the word is and now knows why she was always trigger by other people. Now she realizes she is not betrayed but hurt instead because the person basically doesn’t understand her. Through this she is now able to freely forgive, and it causes her to check in with herself to see if maybe she is not expressing to the other person what she actually needs and why. Notice she also said that she FEELS. This means she is in the lower chakra’s for the emotional body.
You are in control of your emotions, thoughts and life. You have the power to make any changes you want to. Can you see where you might want to make changes to your beliefs?  Can you see where you are in the pendulum?  Can you get yourself back to your center, YOU?
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