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It’s Monday December 11, 2017 and while eating my breakfast, I am reading an article on consciousness in Scientific American magazine (summer edition, Special Collector’s Edition – its all about the brain) right now .

So lets take a step back.
On Saturday December 09, 2017, at 4am Mountain Time, in my meditation I was thinking of when I connect with my higher-self during Reiki sessions and what it feels like when I connect.  The things I can tell you about that are amazing but not here.
I remembered what the guides told me on Nov 29 2017, that we are all enlightened and all have access to the same “pool” of “knowingness”, it just on what level we trust and believe of ourselves that makes the difference on what we feel for this “enlightenment”.
I was picturing this swirling pool of all that is and all that will be and how we each have the same access to it. The thought that came to mind was what if I could draw on all my lives (past/present/future/all dimensions) and others – mostly mine though – for how to help people heal themselves.
On Saturday December 09, 2017 at The Home Of OM, with the clients I kept thinking about “what if I use everything I know from all my lives and draw that energy in now – like modifying the telomere on DNA to repair itself and extend itself again – making it new and fresh”.  Go here for a definition on what it is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomere

Then on Sunday December 10, 2017, at the THE HOME OF OM open house I said to myself “what if…. I could heal a person with just the touch of my hand“. I had clients tell me how I was intuitively going right to where their “problem areas are”. I had one client, who I have only done one Reiki session prior to December 10, she said that I helped her change her outlook on her life that she hasn’t been this peaceful before. She said that her family members have noticed the dramatic change in her. She said a few other things but basically she felt she has changed for the better.

You still with me on this?

So now back to today (Monday December 11) with the article I am reading. It’s asking and dissecting if consciousness is real or an illusion
The guides said this:
     We currently see the body as separate parts – heart lung skin etc
     We need to see everything as a whole, working together as one and us as one big communication “device/circuit ” and when “something” breaks the communication gets scrambled.
By me putting my hand(s) on or near the “broken” part I am helping the client with healing it – getting it right again to unscramble the “messages” – to get the “whole body” communicating again so the person can heal themselves. The circuits are working properly.

Does that make sense?

WHAT IF, gives each of us so much possibilities with no limits.  What are your WHAT IFS?

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