1000butterflies - april 15 2021

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Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

NOTE: I see every person, situation and life as a teacher/student.  I am always asking myself “what am I learning from this person/situation” when anything bumps up against me that it causes me to get an emotional trigger.  That trigger is my sign to look deeper.  If I am not having a emotional trigger then it’s nothing I need to deal with.

From yesterday’s post about I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE, I could feel a huge shift not really in me but more outside of me and far reaching, not just around me.  I felt very solid physically in my body and for some reason taller. lol.  Does that make sense to you, because it does to me?

I have my Reiki/Angel Card Reading business that is done from Monday to Saturday (this is either the in-person or remote sessions).  Sunday’s I don’t see any client’s as I am working at The Home Of OM in their store.

Some Sundays can be calm and some can be very trying because at the store, I have to make sure the people are looked after, and/or the person needs to get the music so they know to get out and/or going thru the “script” for any newbie floaters while keeping an ‘eye’ on the store and/or making sure there is water in the cooler, and/or a client is ready to pay for their session/product/the class or workshop they are attending etc.  Lets just say it can be hectic and rewarding and exhausting all at the same time.  Yip juggling balls and hoping one doesn’t fall or another one gets added.

Stepping back here a bit.  Last week, Angel (one of the owners) asked me to get a postcard size handout on what Reiki is, so that when people come into the store and ask “what is Reiki”, they are handed the postcard.  Also, a couple of weeks ago I shared some information with 3 other practitioners.  After that I was given some new information and I let the 3 practitioners know of the new information.   Now back to yesterday (Sunday November 12, 2017), I let Angel know that I had given the 3 practitioners the new information.  Angel stated that I actually wasn’t supposed to have shared that information with anyone.  In my head I went “oh shit, oops”.  I told her which of the practitioners I had said it to so she knew.  She asked me not to share it anymore.  I agreed to it.  Throughout the day I was asking myself why I hadn’t put the order in yet for the Reiki postcards, as I had it done last Wednesday, even after I talked to the Vistaprint rep to fix a warning.  I am trusting my instinct, which was telling me not to order it yet.  As I was closing for work, I was asking myself again why was I stalling.  I debated back and forth with myself and just decided I wasn’t going to order them and left it at that.

I came home and was talking to my roommate Ann about how I am evolving and the new “things” I am seeing and doing with client’s while doing a Reiki session.  Ann said that I am very grounded and solid.  She asked me if I see flashes or sparks of light and I said yes and I perceive them to be spirit/angels, guides/passed loved ones.  We talked about the Clairs (CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (knowing), CLAIRVOYANCE (seeing), CLAIRAUDIENCE (hearing), CLAIRSENTIENCE (feeling)) and how we each get messages from spirit/angels, guides/passed loved ones etc.  My strongest clair is Claircognizance.

This morning I woke up at 4am Mountain (well that is what my clock says but I do have it set 10 minutes early, so it was actually 3:50am Mountain). I always ask myself questions, because as I state to my clients and I do follow this “if you want answers you have to start asking questions to your guides/angels/guardian angels/spirit etc”.  I was thinking about the Reiki postcard again and I got my answer that I need to make a small change to honor The Home Of OM’s request for all in-person sessions are done there and then I can order it.  I know I am now ready to order the postcards, because NOW IT FEELS RIGHT and at ease.  Again trusting my intuition.  I started to go over what I talked to Angel about yesterday (mistakenly sharing information).  I remember Marty (he is the Registered Massage Therapist) uses the saying “do it and ask for forgiveness later if it’s not received well”.   I was thinking about that and asking questions.  It made me realize that I have to be responsible for my words.  If I don’t want someone to know something, or I agree to NOT say something to anyone else, then I have to be responsible by NOT DOING IT and remember the promise to not share.  This goes for everyone for that matter.  If I do “choose” to say it to others, then I have to face up to the consequences of my choice(s).  After all I made the choice to go against my word either to myself or someone else(s).  The next thought was what the guides have told me (and clients) in about April of this year, that we are all here to LEARN.  The only way to LEARN is to TRY something/anything.  The guides gave the example of when you are going to a party or event, you go out to shop for some clothes to wear to the event/party.  How many dresses do you try on, until you find “the perfect” dress.  Our society has advanced greatly since our parents, their parents, their parents parents etc grew up.  Prior to my age group, when you got a job it was FOR LIFE at that company (that was the thought), but today we go thru many careers/jobs etc.  Some jobs do last forever, but some vary in length and it is all because of how each of us are evolving day to day.  You “try on” different jobs/careers/partners etc until you have/find THE PERFECT MATCH!!

We ALL came here to learn, so learn!.  Every decision made, no matter if it was successful or not, we each need to stop and evaluate what you learnt from it.  Did/do you trust yourself?  Did you do what someone else said to do when your “gut” was telling you something else and now you have to dig yourself out?  Did you evaluate all options and picked one and it turned out RIGHT?  Was there a better choice but it involved doing the difficult “thing” that you really didn’t want to do as it involved more work or hurt people you love or you didn’t want others to view you differently?

I get clients (including myself) stating they keep doing the same thing over and over again (for example: dating the same type of bad guys etc).  The guides asked this question “how many times do you want to repeat grade 1?”.  I was initially shocked by this statement, but if you look at the core of it, it is really that simple – do you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results when you had the answer the 1st time???  This is why it’s repeating grade 1.

We are all here to evolve, so TRY SOMETHING AND LEARN FROM IT.  Don’t blame others for your decisions if they were unsuccessful, but also celebrate the ones that were successful, take responsibility for your decisions and LEARN FROM THEM.  Our first purpose in this lifetime is to unconditionally love ourselves.  Be proud of YOU.  Every moment, every decision has made you into the beautiful person you are.  If you are NOT happy with some aspect, then change as you see fit.  Change is actually really easy to do.  It is only hard when you are trying to figure out where to begin.  Start by drawing or writing down what it is you want to change and how it will look and feel when done.  Be very specific and very detailed.  I will add that you are NOT to go out and kill/punch etc another.

The last question the guides asked was this:  If you were standing at the pearly gates waiting to get into heaven, there is no life review on how well or bad you did etc.  But instead, the ONLY question that is asked to you, which would allow you to get in, was “did you remember to breath……..“?

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