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On November 14, Steve and myself held our first meditation class called MAX MEDITATION WITH SCIENCE AND ENERGY.  The topic for that night was THE ENERGY OF OUR WORDS.  Each class will cover a different topic.   When Steve and I where putting our presentation together, he said that I AM is the most powerful words to be used and that we should leave the students with those words being the last.

The next day (Wednesday Nov 15 at 4am Mountain – I am beginning to notice this 4am pattern happening – lol), when I awoke, I was going over our meditation class the previous day.  Thinking of where we can improve etc.   I was thinking of the words  I AM, and thinking those are powerful words.  We can ask the person beside us how they are doing  and the person can reply with “I am feeling great”, or “I am feeling sad”, or “I am sick today” or “I am having a super fabulous day” and the list can go on.  The person’s answer will depend on how that person is feeling/being in that moment.

Think how much you use I AM in your conversation.  What are the words going through in your head?  Are you saying critical things of yourself OR are you praising yourself?  Are you saying “I am awesome today” or “I am feeling great and I know this day is going to be amazing” or “I am going to ask my boss for a raise today and get it” or “I am pissed because Sally didn’t acknowledge me today” or “I can’t believe I am that stupid that I did that again” etc.  What are your words in your head and do they contain I AM.  Ask yourself and see.

How many times do you ask yourself what you want in life and why?  How many times do you ask for things to be different?  How many times do you praise yourself and be grateful for who you are (I AM)?

From there I started the remote healing for a friend of mine’s father, who is in Mexico and also for a group of friends/family/requests (I have their names in a special box).  I had the Ty teddy bear I use for remote healing.  I started the session of grounding all people (my friend’s father and everyone else’s name in the special healing box).  For this I start by going toe nails, toes, balls of the feet, bottom of the feet, heels, top of the feet, Achilles heal, top of the feet, ankle  … and I continue up the whole body naming the various organs etc. all the way to the top of the head (let me know if you want the long list and I will type it).  From there I started the infinity 8 of bringing Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy in thru the Crown Chakra and bringing in Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing energy from the bottom of the feet.  The Mother/Father Universe healing energy enters in the Crown Chakra and travels the front of the body (in the inside) and at the belly button it crosses to the back and continues down the legs.  As it reaches the bottom of the feet, the “un-wanted energy exits out”, but the “good” energy of Mother/Father Universe merges with the  Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing energy coming in.  Now this Mother/Father Earth travels up the front of the legs and at the belly button crosses over to go up the spine/back.  As Mother/Father Earth energy reaches the top of the head where the Crown Chakra is,  the “un-wanted energy exits out”, but the “good” energy of Mother/Father Earth merges with the Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy coming in.  This cycle goes again.  Always the “releasing” what is unwanted is moved out at the Crown Chakra and at the bottom of the feet, but new healing energy is always brought in.    I then did this infinity 8 healing energy with the physical body and all of the subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and astral bodies).  Basically everyone’s AURA was having the infinity 8 energy of Mother/Father Earth and Mother/Father Universe going thru all layers of them.  I did this for about 15 minutes.  I trusted my guidance that it was done and I said to myself “I am done and now I am going to work on me”.  I put the Teddy bear and box to the left of me and I turned on my right side and started to run the infinity 8 healing energy thru me only.  Just as I had done 3 cycles I seen the word ASK in my head.  It was really in bold letters ASK.  No small letters.

My strongest clair is Claircognizant (clear knowing) and I will see pictures or words in my head, I will hear words in my head, at times I can feel the information from source get dumped in thru my Crown Chakra.  So when I see a picture or a word, I get the whole message.

From that one word it was clear in the meaning.  I just have to ASK what I want to manifest.  It was that simple.  Don’t think about the request but to just ASK when I need something to happen.  It meant that I don’t need to think of how I should ask for anything: What it will fully look like?, What it will encompass?, If I should even ask that request (how much is the right amount to win in a lottery jackpot that I can live comfortably and be allowed to give to family and friends etc)?, If I should include others?,  What if some of the others are not supposed to get whatever in my request that includes them, would that mean that it won’t manifest?

I thought about the ASK and I realized that when I ask from my heart, that it comes true amazingly fast (like in matters of hours or minutes – depending on what I am asking for).  I also notice that I am do the asking from no emotions and no mind chatter.  I just ASK.

It was also beautifully stated in Suzanne Giesemann’s channeling from Sanaya Speaks on the topic THE DIFFERENCE: https://www.suzannegiesemann.com/the-difference-3/
“…When you “want a thing so badly” there is often constriction in the heart and solar plexus. When you co-create from the soul, there is peace and allowing. Come to know the difference and discover that peace.”

In my opinion the word ASK is the most important word above I AM.  If you are not sure then ASK!!!!

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