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I have been stalling on updating my blog for months because I didn’t know what I wanted to be my first post.  I wanted it to be meaningful, right, and have the proper message I wanted to say.  Talk about the pressure of doing all of that.  I take my time and work it out inside of me before I do anything, instead of just “verbal puking it out” and wait to see what happens.

With all the guidance I have been given over the years, I wanted to say it all. But where to start.  NOTE: When I say guidance, I am using generic terms as I am not hung up on ‘labels’.  For example, Angels, Guides, Spirit, God, Source, Higher-Self, They, etc., all have the same meaning to me. ONE.  I will use specific names of Angels etc when required, like when I give messages to clients during Reiki or Angel Card sessions.

Well let’s just say I am starting from this moment and all because of I started my day at 4am Mountain by asking the question “Why does it matter if I say ‘heart center of mother/father earth‘ and ‘heart center of mother/father universe‘, instead of saying ‘earth heart center‘ and ‘universe heart center‘?”.

So let’s take a step back on why I was asking that question.  I am working together with Steve on a new meditation series that we are hosting at The Home Of OM.  I first met Steve thru classes, Angel Card Readings (I co-host this) and Reiki Shares (this I host), thru The Home of OM.  The last Reiki Share on October 28th, I gave Steve a new ‘type of mediation’ to try.  It was given to me thru guidance, from the many hours of doing Reiki on client’s and what I was reading and questioning.   I have been using it with clients as part of Reiki work for the past month, but have been using it on myself for about 3 months. I shared it with Denise at our energy exchange in September and she commented on how I was stating it, it could be confusing to some people to follow the pattern of it.  From her session, I asked the guides “why”.

A week later I seen Steve at The Home Of OM and he stated how powerful it has been for him.  He then stated that he had approached Hailey (one of the managers) about doing a meditation that goes beyond the current practice, where everyone does the guided meditation from the Host and then the participants would share their experience.  Steve noticed a pattern that the meditation would have everyone on a high, but then when people spoke of their experiences, he felt it took it down, because of the people talking about it might have brought pain, or suffering etc.  Steve wanted to get people to change their words to be more positive.  He quoted Mother Teresa when she said “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”  Hailey pointed him in my direction.

Steve and I had to give Hailey and Katie (both managers at The Home Of OM) a presentation on what we planned for the mediation series.  From that they gave us suggestions for improvement and the go ahead do to it.  But it was stated to us both that I would be the main person doing the meditation as I was the person that is vetted by The Home Of OM for teaching, as Steve has never taught there yet.  When we put the presentation together, Steve said to NOT use the term “mother/father” as some people may feel it’s “too religious”.  Steve suggested that I change  ‘heart center of mother/father earth’ and ‘heart center of mother/father universe’, to say ‘earth heart center’ and ‘universe heart center’.  I agreed to this initially.  After all, when I was given the meditation the first time, I was saying “heart center of mother earth” and “heart center of the universe”.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was asking myself “Why can’t I use mother/father“?.  After all I am the lead on the teaching.  The guides said “It doesn’t matter how I say it, it just matters that I say it.  If I was to try to appease everyone’s religious and political beliefs etc I would have nothing to say.  As long as I say it from my own heart center and that I truly believe it, that is all that matters.  So if  I feel  right saying Mother/Father, then do it“.

It DOES FEEL RIGHT saying it.  Because of the teachings the guides are giving me is tying into the 3-2-1 formula.  It feels right doing it, because if I let “words” dictate on how I live my life by “are they positive words” or “are they negative words”, then am I living?  Nope, so I am NOT AFRAID ANYMORE of the words.  They only have the power that I give them, tied in with my emotions (triggers).

We all have our own dictionary meaning for every word in the dictionary, because it is based off of our own life experiences.  As I state to my clients for the messages from their guides, that words have more then one meaning and I give the example of Apple – it can mean: iPhone, laptop, macbook, doctor, fiber, health, diet, the red of the apple can mean Root Chakra, school, teaching, learning, writing, journaling, reading, books, travel.  BUT it is based off of the client’s personal dictionary meaning and not the Websters Dictionary meaning.

I use a personal example for the clients too.  When I give them the guidance on how to manifest what they want, they need to write out in their ‘dictionary terms” for the top 20 list (there is more to this formula and I will describe it at a later date) and I stated: “be very specific on your dictionary meaning of the quality or feature.  For example I have a list on the man I want to attract and I have the word healthy defined as: “he is mentally and emotionally balanced.  He will always seek out PROFESSIONAL help.  He will do the work and/or medication required from said PROFESSIONAL HELP, until he is back to being mentally and emotionally balanced“.  Whereas someone else may have healthy set as “they are physically fit“.  Again it’s YOUR DICTIONARY meaning of the words.

If you are interested in taking your meditation to the next level, then join Steve and myself for our bi-weekly series.  We will be bringing science, our personal experiences, guest speakers that are knowledgeable on the current topic and do 2 meditations all in 2 hours.  Our first one is on Tuesday November 14 at 7:30pm at The Home Of OM.

I hope you all have a great day ahead

Mary Anne

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