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Guidance from the guides/angels on Sunday, May 13, 2018.
NOTE: I am NOT saying to stop all medications. I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to give medical advice. Only your doctor can expertly tell you what you should do. You need to always follow the advice of your doctor.

The current trend of affirmations is teaching us to only say positive statements. We are even told, “if you don’t believe/feel in what you are saying, then fake it until you make it”. The Law of Attraction teaches us that we should only see/say positive things. I have clients that say they try not to say anything negative because they don’t want to attract that in their lives. But is that right? What is it teaching you? Is it teaching you to be afraid of your feelings instead?

An example and this is only an example: In today’ society, we have the pharmaceutical industry assisting us to get “rid of” feelings. You can take a pill for a migraine, or a pill to help with your digestion, or a pill to help you fall asleep etc. Is the pill only masking the actual cause of the symptom by making it so that you don’t “feel” it anymore?
I have read in the last 10 years or so, how some “new age” people have said that Doctors need to look not at the symptom’s, but instead see what caused them. Dr. Wayne Dyer said something along the line “Disease is actually your body at dis-ease”.
Is your body at dis-ease that if you ignore this dis-ease then it turns into a migraine or lack of sleep etc.?

Look at the advertising industry, how they are always telling us that “you need <<insert a product name>> and you will feel great”.
There are so many examples in our lives of how society/religion/groups, are trying to tell us how we should feel and that their way is right. But is it?

I read a book a couple years ago by Michelle Arbeau called “The Energy of Words”. I loved the book. She is a numerologist. In the book, she said that everything is energy including words. How many times have you thought of a person and they called or text you? That was what I liked about the book, as it talked about the energy and frequency that words can have. By using numerology, Michelle explained how some words have negative energy and some words have positive energy. She even said that you can have a positive word be negative, by how you are using/feeling it. I fully agree with that last statement, until today.

I normally meditate between 3 am and 5 am. I was thinking back to what my friend said about her last relationship where she said the man and her were at the “same level”. She said that when they touched it was like a strong connection was made. I was talking to the guides about what she said, and they taught me how this all ties in with the power of 3-2-1.
Using my friend for the example:
The POWER OF 3: with the power of 3, there was my friend, the man, and their feelings. Notice how this tie in with the 3 layers of Chakras in this situation. Layer 1 is my friend and is in the Crown, 3rd Eye and Throat. Layer 2 is the Heart which the man is in and Layer 3 is the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root where the feelings are.
The POWER OF 2: my friend said that they were at the same level for what their wants/needs/emotions were. That is why they had such a strong bond. But here is where the catch was. Using my friends’ words “we had a strong connection, like when we touched”. They both needed that touch and connection because they felt it lacking in each of themselves.
The POWER OF 1: with that connection, it formed into 1, with both their needs being met for that touch/connection through each other.

This is where the teachings came in. The guides said that each of us needs to examine and I mean really examine our beliefs, emotions etc. to see what is holding each of us back. In previous blogs, I talked about the Ying/Yang symbol where the guides said that the Black represents what each person considers is holding them back and White represents what each person considers moves them forward. When both the Black and White are in balance, then that person goes through life in harmony with the universe (everything).
The Black is your memories/beliefs/fears etc. that holds you stuck in a holding/repeating pattern for life.

The guides said that if a person has done the work to understand/know themselves, to know (change a belief) what is truly important to them (not what others tell them), then the person is in the center of the Ying/Yang in balance. But if the person has not dealt with whatever the person consider is holding them back (for example: “why do I keep attracting the wrong type of man/woman”? or “I am feeling overwhelmed” or “I can’t find purpose” etc.), then that person is in the Black side and living from lacking/fear. Or if the person is always trying to only see/force only what that person deems good/positive, then that person is on the White side and living from lacking/fear also.

The guides said that every word has a duality to it (Black/White – Positive/Negative – Ying/Yang) depending on where the person is feeling/living it from. How the person uses the word/words with their feelings/senses etc., will determine which side of the word’s duality the person is at.
With the power of 3-2-1.
The Power of 3: there are you and the 2 sides of duality for the word in each moment of life. All the emotions, the drama, the frequency, the energy, every little detail of the word and it’s power over you and controls you.
The Power of 2: is you and whichever side of that duality you are on for the word in a moment and how you are living/feeling/sensing the word. This is where you recognize the duality and triggers. This is where you work to take your power and control back. Bring understanding to who you truly are.
The Power of 1: Is being in the center in balance with the energy/frequency/sound/feeling etc. of the word. The word neither has power over you or control of you. You are at peace with the word. It brings no emotional triggers or drama for it. You are 1.

This brings us back to what I stated at the beginning. Don’t be afraid of your words. Use your words. If you are angry, be angry, but then do the work to figure out what is causing the anger.
If you are extremely happy and you feel that’s not normal, again examine it for why it makes you extremely happy now. By doing this you will find the peace and the word will not have the power to trigger you in that type of situation again.

NOTE: When you achieve that peacefulness I talk about, it may feel strange to you. You may think that you are depressed or sad or something is wrong. That is because you have changed. Before, you used to worry, or stressing etc. that it was your normal. Now that you don’t get triggered (dragged into dramas) negatively anymore, you may try to go back to the old ways (worrying, stressing etc.). Instead, see that you are OK and accept that it “just is” now. People will be and do whatever they want, and you may not agree with them or you might agree with them. It’s their lives, let them live it as they see fit and you live your life how you see fit. Let go of the worry, fear, stress and live. Live in the centeredness of the peace of the word’s duality.
Are you living on one of the sides of your words?

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