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December 2020 – email received

I was diagnosed with COPD a long time ago.

At that time I was prescribed medication which I take daily.

Along with my COPD medications is an inhaler which I have had in my possession for a fair while however I only recently started feeling much reason to warrant using it. About 3 weeks ago I began having pain in my lungs and couldn’t catch my breath even using my Ventolin inhaler. I also had an odd feeling in my mouth and throat which lead to me phoning the doctor  which then lead to them advising me to call the ambulance which I did and subsequently was taken to the hospital via the ambulance, when there they did and EKG, X-RAY and bloodwork as well as testing me for the Corona virus, which came back negative. The diagnosis was an exacerbation of my COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) They then started me on some new medication in conjunction with an additional 2 different inhalers. I was sent home with the same meds all which did end up resolving my breathing issues but the pain in lung area was still there even after finishing all of the prescribed medication. I then started experiencing pains in my stomach area. Upon checking my email the following evening I had received a message from Maryanne from maryanne@1000butterflies.ca”  which said “just checking in” and while looking at her page I noticed a link to an audio file of humming.

After listening I sent her a message to thank her for sharing the audio with everyone on the site. I told Maryanne what I was going through and mentioned I would be open to receive any energy healing  that she was willing to share, which she agreed to performing a long distance healing for me. I continued listening a few times each day to the audio for the next 5 days consecutively. I realize that my previous stomach pains where gone. Additionally my mouth and throat felt better and my pain in my lungs was gone as well as no longer was needing to use my inhaler. Please follow your doctors advice, as well as using Maryanne to help you get through whatever ailments or problems in life you may experience. You never know it may end up actually helping you out, it’s worth at least giving it a try. Not only this time, but in past times as well Maryanne has helped me out with my insomnia and fatigue , which was beneficial, I appreciate everything she has done, Thanks Maryanne