1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

My name is Kalyne and I had a Thai Yoga Table Massage done by Mary Anne and I am seriously not exaggerating when I say any of this. The bed I sleep on and the job I do is pretty hard on my body. I have aches and pains and constantly stiff and tight. I have had many massages over my life and they never really seemed to loosen me up and just made me even sorer at times. WOW this Thai Yoga Table Massage is really the best thing ever.I felt so limber and just plain good the next morning but not before a good nights sleep, which are rare. I actually had a bounce in my step and my body felt younger than it had in awhile. Which made me a very cheery happy girl.

I would recommend Thai Yoga Table Massage over any other type any day now and can’t wait for my next one.

| 2018 – Thai Yoga Table Massage – at The Home Of OM