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Vi G.

I was diagnosed with COPD a long time ago. At that time I was prescribed medication which I take daily. Along with my COPD medications is an inhaler which I have had in my possession for a fair while however I only recently started feeling much reason to warrant using it. About 3 weeks ago …

Stéphanie M. S.

My sister introduced me to Mary Anne right around the beginning of the quarantine. She had forwarded an email about free reiki session (I kept bugging my sister to send me some as she had in the past year or so and it transformed my life, grounding me for one). Reiki had been helping me, …

Jennifer K

This was my first Reiki session, over the phone at that (due to covid), and I was skeptical to say the least. Yet I left our session more impressed than ever. Marry Ann was nothing but wonderful. She somehow nailed all the items right on point. She was relaxing, created a sense of ease and …

Beth H.

Mary Anne has been a source of grounding energy and peace for me over the last few remote treatments. She is open, warm and filled with guidance. I would recommend her and her services to anyone looking to find light within. 5 out of 5 Google review.

Stephanie S.

Mary Anne came on my healing journey and I have had two wonderful one hour reiki sessions with her. It has opened up new dimensions to my healing journey and given me answers to a lot of long awaited for questions and wishes. Mary Anne is patient, empathic and thorough. I feel very grateful to …

Clare S.

I’ve had a couple in person treatments and just did a remote session. Mary Anne is professional, with a warm and calm way about her. I always feel lighter and focused when after my sessions. I highly recommend Mary Anne. 5 out of 5 Google review.


Wonderful experience even remotely. She is a true healer. 5 out of 5 Google review.

Peggy H.

It is always a great experience with Mary Anne! *remote Reiki treatment

Stacey S.

You are a helper in a world needing help. You show up without asking and leave us better than you found us. The world needs more of people like you. Thank you *remote Reiki treatment