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Reiki healing humming

A mini-Reiki healing treatment through humming. Connecting to Mother-Father Earth energies and Mother-Father Universe energies going through the whole inside of your body and also within your whole Aura.  Also adding in no particular order, the element energies of: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, Sun, Moon and Universe. Namaste - allowingBLOG

The Art of Allowing

Allowing is like hands around a rope – when we’re forcing an attraction towards you, it’s like pulling on a rope. Allowing is letting go of that rope and trusting in the attraction/solutions/possibilities without the need to pull on it. - butterflyBLOG - butterflyBLOG

Is this the most important word for us to use right now?

What is that one word that can bring in the answers to all your questions, or bring peace into your or bring balance? Find out what it is…. - maxmeditationBLOG