Hours Of Operation

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I am certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive.

An in person Angel Intuitive treatment is just as powerful as an remote treatment .

I work with Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, Guides, Elementals, and Spirit Animals etc., during your treatment. Each treatment will be unique for each person, as it is for you and your healing. The treatment could have an Angel Card reading, or sending Angel energy healing, or a message from your guides or mediumship, or angelic counseling etc.

I am not doing the healing but assisting you to use your own healing power to heal yourself.

any messages regarding your future are not guaranteed, because of your free will, you can cause it to not happen

The treatment will be done during the time you select. My recommendation is for you to select a time that you will not have any interruption. I will contact you prior to your scheduled treatment, to ask you what you want to achieve from the treatment.

After your scheduled treatment, I will email you what guidance I received, and what I heard/felt/seen during the treatment.

If the treatment is for another person, you will need to get their permission first. If the person is unable to talk or respond, then you will need to get permission from the person who is in charge of the person you want the treatment for.

You have a choice of either seeing me at my office, or for a remote treatment.

AS OF MARCH 21, 2020 I am only doing REIKI REMOTE TREATMENTS until all 3 levels of government lift the state of emergency.  Once this is lifted I will go back to my normal business and offer all of my services.


30-minute treatment: $50.00 CDN
1-hour treatment: $100.00 CDN

NOTE: If this is your first time for an ANGEL INTUITIVE, please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a client intake form if you have not filled out the online form yet.

Home Office

Unit# 301 – 2411 Erlton Road Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 3B9
Buzzer code: 3115

There is free parking on the west side of Erlton Road in front of the Waterford complex in Building C.

Pay attention to the signs as some parts along the same street are ZZ Permit parking.

If you would like to park underground, please let me know and I will give you direction for the buzzer code, which stalls to park in and where the elevator is for Building C.