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Top 20 list for manifesting…

You need to know and understand you so that when you are manifesting you get what you want and not a pint size version of it. Unsure thoughts bring chaos manifestations to life.


When life feels like turmoil, then LIMP FISH IT!!!

Sometimes the struggles in life are very daunting, when maybe a deep breath and just going with the flow is what you need.


What being angry on Mother’s Day taught me….

Mother’s Day is supposed to be happy and fun. But my internal struggle didn’t make it that way. I learnt a very important lesson that day thanks to my children being the beautiful people they are.


Are there really any negative words?

Words and thoughts are very powerful. How many times have you thought of someone and they called or texted you back? But are you afraid to express yourself truthfully because you “don’t” want to attract anything bad to you because of what you read about Law of Attraction? How powerful are words?