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Mary Anne

I have always believed in Angels/Guides/Spirit, but growing up as Roman Catholic, I associated Angels with death. After all, my parents/family/friends didn’t ask me if I wanted to learn about the Chakras or how to talk and connect with the Angels etc when I was growing up

I started my journey of self-inquiry in 2005 when I could feel balls of energy in the palms of my hands.  I met my 1st Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Susan Faber during a craniosacral session and she said to take Reiki, as the energy I was feeling in the palms of my hands, were a sign of healing hands.  I met my 2nd Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Nina Wallinder thru a webcast she was hosting.  My last Usui Reiki Master Teacher is Mary June Tracey and I met her thru a Reiki share circle.  I didn’t take all levels with the same teacher in order. In 2013, I decided to complete my Usui Reiki Master Level with all 3 of my teachers, as each teacher did the same material but had different teaching styles and plus working with the other students always gave me more insight.

I took other certification courses thru The Home of OM and Doreen Virtue.  I practiced on friends and family members.  I read lots of new age books, researched thru the internet, listened to hours of webcasts (mostly Hay House Radio and The Healing Master) and going to classes.  Finally, in May 2015 I said to my guides that I was ready to change my life and do this professionally.  In June 2015, my manager advised me that I would be laid off from Hewlett Packard (the team I worked with provided Microsoft product support for HP’s external clients worldwide).

I took Reiki to establish a foundation for me.  It greatly helped me to understand the body’s energy for myself and others.  I felt like a fish out of the water until I had structure and a solid foundation.  I have learned and grown so much from my first lesson with Susan to today and it continues, as I am always learning and growing.   Today, Reiki has also helped me to continue to learn, from the messages the clients get during the sessions, to my daily meditation practice.  I have had quite a few new Guides/Masters step forward for me during Reiki sessions.  It has been my greatest joy to learn new teachings when they step forward.
Always ask questions until it makes sense to you (like getting an AH HA moment) so that it brings clarity to you and others.

When you question everything, then you will discover the answers and this will always help you on your path you choose.

Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC) since April 20, 2018.

My current certifications:

  • Indian Foot Massage – certified by Lee-ann Harder – November 2018
  • Natural Face Lift Massage – certified by Lee-ann Harder – October 2018
  • Indian Head Massage – certified by Lee-ann Harder – August 2018
  • Thai Yoga Table Massage – certified by Shawne Klassen – January 2018
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Susan Faber – February 2013
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Nina Wallinder – June 2013
  • Reiki Master – Teacher– Usui system – certified by Mary June Tracy ( The Guru Mama) – March 2012
  • DNA Strand Healer – certified by Angel Rogers –The Home of OM – June 2013
  • Chakra Healer – certified by Angel Rogers – The Home of OM – May 2013
  • Mediumship Level II – certified by Angel Rogers – The Home of OM – February 2013
  • Angel Mediumship Level I – certified by Angel Rogers – The Home of OM – July 2013
  • Archangel Michael Healer – certified by Angel Rogers – The Home of OM – March 2013
  • Angel Card Reader – certified by Angel Rogers – The Home of OM – November 2012
  • Angel Intuitive – certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. – December 2011
  • Body Talk Access – certified by Susan Faber – October 2009

Love and peace to all and I hope you all have a great day, week, month and years ahead.

R.M.T/Reiki Practitioner
3 Stonez Therapeutics

“having been in the industry for just over 2 years I have had time to experience alot (but just the beginning), of what massage has to offer. Proficiency in therapeutic & relaxation techniques. I truly believe in the mind, body, spirit connection, as a Reiki practitioner I always look forward to educating and promoting things to my clients to help ensure achieving a more healthy and stress free life is possible. The same energy and positivity I have in life, is what I incorporate into every individual treatment.”

Reiki Master/One on One Coaching
Soulful Rejuvenation

“My goal is to help you heal from the inside, as well as out! My hope is that one day we all can be healed of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that may be holding us back from living a free life.”