1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

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Steve stated this at the beginning:  Before we start the meditation – please be aware that this could cause shift in your life going forward.  Know that you are always in control

Steve and I started the class by getting the attendees to write on paper how they are feeling in this moment and what their intentions where for this session.

We then did a quick brief cover of what was done on the 1st session on THE ENERGY OF WORDS.

Tonight’s discussion, focuses on the chakras.

How the Chakras affect our subtle bodies layers

  1. the chakras can’t be physically seen like a heart or tooth, but can be energetically felt. Richard Jelusich on this talk in July 2017 at THE HOME OF OM said that they are now able to measure the chakras.
  2. The subtle bodies are the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Etherical and Astral bodies. NOTE: I believe there are more (I can feel it) but that it is going to come later with my evolving learning.
  3. In the magazine DISCOVER November 2017, the article called THE ELECTRIC TOUCH talks how at the advancement of understanding how the body can heal via it’s bio-electricity. Figuring out the right frequency/current for electricity to heal wounds.  I see the body as energy and work from there.
  4. Last week the guides showed me via a client Reiki session, to NOT see things as physical layers (like layers in a sandwich) but instead as moving, coming together, separate – always moving. The subtle bodies are not layered per se but are moving all around us. The easiest way to describe it is when you light a candle and then blow it out how the smoke then swirls around it in that trail.  So if you take all the layers of the subtle bodies as that swirling smoke trail, where they are all moving within the aura and will intersect each other, join temporarily and then separate, but always moving within the aura and thru the physical body.
  5. See the physical body, chakras and the other bodies “blended” together, with each moving together, separately, then moving on. No separation. See also all around you as ONE.

Tying them into the Mind Body Spirit connection

  1. the Crown, Third Eye and Throat at the SPIRIT portion, the Heart is the MIND portion and the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root are the BODY (physical)

How the chakras help you forgive yourself and others, so you can let go and this is the 3 layers of the chakra’s

  1. In July 2016 I was on the treadmill doing my power walking and balancing my chakra’s when the guides showed me a “diamond” for each chakra with the corresponding color. I was like cool, and I would take the “diamond” and see it go up to the guides who were sitting in a semicircle and I asked them to bling the diamond up by making it sparkle.  I would see the chakra diamond go from a dull color to bling bright bold color – I see the chakra’s as bright bold colors to represent balance for me.  From you, you need to see them in the shade of your preference (the paint store color scheme – pastel, neutral to dark – where do you like the in that color spectrum)
  2. Then in Oct 2016, 3 guides joined me from the OM’s Boot Camp. I call them the Pi3 and they are from the Sirius B planet system.  They are the scientists to me.  They came to teach me the power of 3-2-1.  It started with the 3 layers of forgiveness, being YOU first, the other people directly or indirectly involved and finally the physical layer.   Then the 2 is the YING/Yang of us (the black holding us back and the white moving us forward) and 1 for the oneness of us all.
  3. The Pi3 showed me a new way to see the chakras as triangles in a big ball and when a small portion (diamond) was taken out to fix that. Why does the whole chakra have to be out of balance? Why can’t it just have a ‘blemish’ that needs healing?
  4. Then in May or June of 2017 I seen an image of the face of an East Indian Guru and he waited until I went to Richard Jeluisch talk. Then he came forth and said we need to see the chakra’s differently.
  5. The Crown, Third Eye are the 1st layer of forgiveness, because that is where our mouth and brain is at. Where 90% of the words we each having running thru our brain at any given time.   Then the 2nd layer is the Heart chakra for the unconditional love for everyone including ourselves. This is where you forgive the other person(s) directly or indirectly involved. And lastly the 3rd layer of forgiveness is the Solar, sacral and root which represent where the Physical location of where the problem happened.

How the abundance within your Chakras affect your manifestation

  1. Your chakra’s play an important role in your health. The guru to change how the books and current teaching for chakras are.   He explained that taking the chakras and going across the body and have those organs bathed in the color of the corresponding chakra color (for example this means the kidneys and adrenals are part of the solar and not the sacral/root).  (GIVE THE HANDOUTS that shows where the major organs are located).  He said that the central nervous system is part of the crown/third-eye/throat because it goes thru the whole body that is how it communicates to the chakras too.  Then the cardiovascular system is the Heart chakra and again it uses that to communicate to the other chakras.  The metabolism is part of the solar plexus.  The Lymph and Immune system is part of the root chakra because they keep you safe.
  2. When your body wants to RELEASE anything, it will give you aches and pains, blemishes etc in certain areas. Look at that area for what it represents and see what your thoughts are and resolve it.  If you ignore it with pain meds etc., then it will go out energetically and bring others to help you solve an issue, this way you have the physical in front of you.  This will be explained in more detail with the next mediation class for TRIGGERS…
  3. When it comes to manifestation, again it goes with the 3 layers of the chakra… take it from your head into your heart – what is your heart desires, then bring it down to your physical area to get the excitement. Don’t leave it all in the SPIRIT level, bring it down your chakras so that it comes to fruition…
  4. From Richards book, he talked about how each of us have a dominate Chakra (only for the: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat or Third-eye).  They can also be sub-chakra that is causing chaos so that you live fully in the dominate Chakra to the positive.

When we asked the participants to bring up their lists, we asked if the words could be changed to be more powerful for them.  It was interesting when the participants talked, how they didn’t realize that there words where about doubt for achieving it.  They all said that they were positive people prior.  Paying attention to the words to see what you are saying is key to finding your peace.  See if you are sabotaging yourself with your words and if you are change them to be positive.

Do the infinity 8 meditation thru all subtle bodies (see previous post on Class ONE).

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