1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

For a full description of the event go to:  https://www.meetup.com/myownlight/events/245167827/

Steve started the class by asking the attendees to write down on a piece of paper how they are feeling in the moment and even for the day.  Then Steve talked to them about how to change the words to be more empowering.  Steve then invited the attendees to take their papers and shred them in the paper shredder.

Steve introduced Alejandra Payan, who is a practitioner at The Home Of OM.  She provides: Mediumship, Archangel Micheal, Trilotherapist at The Home Of OM.

Alejandra stated that triggers are our buttons that we each feel a person(s) can push that causes an emotion in each of us.  She then asked the attendees what their “button” was that people can push to set them off.  She asked where we felt it in our bodies when that button is pushed..
She explained the function for the part of the brain that is considered part of the Reptilian Brain controls our fright or flight responses. It is on alert all the time.   It is where our biggest emotions come from and is a form of protection.  Versus the Hypothalamus, which she explained at controlling our action to “leave a situation”.  We don’t want to engage in something for whatever reason.

She asked each of us to think of the times were we had an emotional reaction to a situation, something someone said etc and try to remember where we felt it in our body.

She pointed out that you need to pay attention to your triggers and know them.  She said there are 3 ways:

  1. Body – your body will give you signals, like your breathing changes, sweating etc as this is all part of the reptilian brain.  When you get the triggers then you decide what you want to do: fight or flight.
  2. Target – this is where in your body do you feel it.  Does your stomach get butterflies?  Do your muscles tense up?  Notice what is happening when you get the triggers
  3. Breath – take a deep breath and decide what you want to do.  As stated in Class One where Caroline Goyder stated that we talk on the out breath and we need to use our in-breath for the pause we need to clear our thoughts and calm down to make informed decisions.

She said that we all need to face these triggers and identify where they are coming from.  Sometimes it will be bring up more emotions and it can be tough.  But you do need to face them.  She said doing this will be catharsis in the end.  She said that you can do the processing through speaking to a professional, a friend or family member or even writing it out.

She said that Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and Archangel Michael is the Angel for courage and strength and who she calls on for help.  She said any Archangel can help you.  Just ask them.  For a list of them you can use Doreen Virtue’s book called Archangels And Ascended Masters (https://www.hayhouse.com/archangels-ascended-masters-1) or just Google or Bing: Archangels And Ascended Masters.

Alejandra then did a guided meditation with Archangel Raphael to find where the triggers are stored in your body and then to release them and heal them.  It was very powerful meditation.

Mary Anne (me) explained that when we get a headache, we take a pill, or a sore back – we take a pill etc.  We are blocking our feelings with a pill.  We need to get back to our feelings and facing them.  If you want to change your life then face your feelings and deal with them by talking to a professional, a friend or family member etc.

I also explained from the guidance I have received that if you use the symbol of the Ying/Yang symbol (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang), where the black represents whatever you consider is holding you back and the white is whatever you consider that moves your forward.  The black doesn’t necessarily have to be anything negative.  For example it can be an idea for an invention that you are keeping a “secret” inside yourself  and this can be very stressful until you bring it to the world.  The black is your memories, experiences, open wounds, healing wounds, scars etc.  When you get an emotional trigger because you don’t like something, then that is when you need to ask yourself “why is this bothering me?”   Because if it didn’t bother you, you would go through life in a straight path like a rabbit hopping down the bunny trail.   Deal with the triggers as they happen as I find it is easier then making a project to go through a whole life review.  Yes sometimes you can’t do anything to stop the situation in that moment, but again it’s your choice to do so.  But do the self-inquiry on why and you will get a deeper understanding on you.  You can also see through your life why you tend to make the same decisions each time.  It is then your choice what you do next.  If you find that when you examine the situation that happened and still can’t figure why the trigger happened, then dig deeper by going into your childhood and teenage years as that is when you have formed the majority of your beliefs and opinions based off of something you experienced OR witnessed.  I have done this technique many times and I can honestly say it is why I have great peace in my life and I am more present moment now then I have ever been and why I have had so many people tell me my light is so bright.   I have found that when I do the self-inquiry I don’t stay stuck in my head in the past (how many times have you continued an argument with someone in your head for more then 3 weeks and wonder why your a angry all the time?) and I may take up to 2 weeks to figure it out, but when I do figure out why the emotional trigger (or why I am still angry) happened for the situation, I have experienced instant peace and I don’t continue to be in my head for the situation.   If I find myself for more then 1 week of still going over a situation, even after I have done the 3 layers of forgiveness (me 1st, the people involved directly and indirectly is 2nd and then the physical location it happened is the 3rd layer).  Then I ask this:  “how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years do I need to continue to rehash this in my head?”.  I am giving myself permission to soap-box the event for whatever amount of time I give myself and I mean soap box it, by ranting and raving, screaming in a pillow and telling anyone that will listen and whatever else I need during that time.  When the deadline comes up I then say, “ok time is up, now I release it”.   I find that to be very catharsis and within a couple of hours or less, I do get the “real true” answer for why I was still angry.  That is when the real peace happens and then I am fully in the present moment again.

Your triggers impact your Chakras.   To balance the Chakra you need to do the 3 layers of forgiveness and remember to do this at your own pace.  There is no rule that you have to get it done in one day or in a week.  This is about you and what you are comfortable with:

  1. The 1st layer of forgiveness is with the Crown, Third-eye and Throat Chakras.     This level is called the Spiritual layer.  Guess where all your words are (the mouth and brain).  This is where you forgive yourself.  You are the only one who knows what regrets and words you are saying to yourself at any given time and for any given situation.   For example: forgive yourself for choosing to be angry and the words you said.  Forgive yourself for how you felt after.  etc
  2. The 2nd layer is the Heart Chakra.  This is where the unconditional love is for yourself and others and is the Universe.   Forgive the person(s) directly involved and the people indirectly involved.  The Indirect people are the ones the witnessed the situation because they are affected.
    NOTE: do this step when you are ready to do it.
    For exampled the indirect person could have witnessed your melt down on your boyfriend at Kmart and then the person said to them-self “I hope that couple can figure out their stuff because they don’t deserve to be called names”  or whatever and the person continues to think of it throughout their day.
  3. The 3rd layer is the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras.  This the PHYSICAL.  Where the situation happened.  It needs forgiveness too as it holds energy.  Have you gone to a place that has had a traumatic experience and you could feel the negative energy that is still there?   I use the example of the Nazis Concentration Camp.  People have said that they can still feel the negative energy that is held there.  It needs a huge amount of forgiveness to bring peace to the area.

I then gave them the meditation we used in Class One from Gregg Braden (here).   I find this meditation (or a variation of it) really calms me down and I can literally feel my brain waves slow down and drop.

Are you ready to face your triggers and feelings to bring peace in your life?

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