1000butterflies - april 15 2021

Help locally to heal Globally….
Helping you to find the balance within YOU…..
Renewal, Transformation, Rebirth, Elevation

For a full description of the event go to:  https://www.meetup.com/myownlight/events/244954372/
Steve stated this at the beginning:  Before we start the meditation – please be aware that this could cause shift in your life going forward.  Know that you are always in control
Steve and I started the class by getting the attendees 2 minutes to write on one piece of paper what  the dialogue that was going on in their head at the moment (within the past 3 hours).   Just the words they could remember.
The next piece of paper we asked the attendees to write down their intention of how they want to feel at the end of the meditation.
Steve then gave his introduction that when he heard the song ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY by Kid Rock, that it talked to him and that is where he started his quest.  He has read books, attended seminars etc.  He said that when he attended the Reiki Share on Oct 29 2017, I was doing Reiki on him and at the start he said that he wanted to crank it up to 11 instead of the standard 10.  I replied with “why not go to the max”.  He said yes to that.  The session was 10 minutes.  The last thing I got him to do was bringing in the “Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy” and “Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing”.  I was giving him the easy direction of with each breath in, he brings up the “Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing” just as he exhales “everything he wants to release” goes out his Crown Chakra.  Then when he breaths out, he will bring down “Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy”.  Both energies are going thru the whole inside of his body touching everything inside with the beautiful energy.   Breath in draws up earth energy and breath out brings down universe energy.  As he got use to that I told him now let’s max it out a different way and this time we did it in an infinity 8 by bringing Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy in thru the Crown Chakra and bringing in Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing energy from the bottom of the feet.  The Mother/Father Universe healing energy enters in the Crown Chakra and travels the front of the body (in the inside) and at the belly button it crosses to the back and continues down the legs.  As it reaches the bottom of the feet, the “un-wanted energy exits out”, but the “good” energy of Mother/Father Universe merges with the  Heart Center of Mother/Father Earth healing energy coming in.  Now this Mother/Father Earth travels up the front of the legs and at the belly button crosses over to go up the spine/back.  As Mother/Father Earth energy reaches the top of the head where the Crown Chakra is,  the “un-wanted energy exits out”, but the “good” energy of Mother/Father Earth merges with the Heart Center of Mother/Father Universe healing energy coming in.  This cycle goes again.  Always the “releasing” what is unwanted is moved out at the Crown Chakra and at the bottom of the feet, but new healing energy is always brought in.   Then we maxed it again by doing the infinity 8 healing energy with the physical body and all of the subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and astral bodies).  Basically everyone’s AURA was having the infinity 8 energy of Mother/Father Earth and Mother/Father Universe going thru all layers of them.
Steve said that he has used the Infinity 8 healing energy at a meeting that was going very well and it was powerful because he could feel in his Sacral Chakra area that it expanded out like a torus (basically a donut shape).  He said that it changed the whole energy in the room that one person had to leave as he was holding his anger over something, but the other folks it calmed them down and they had a very productive meeting.  That was when he knew he wanted to do Take It to the Max Meditation and was put in contact with me.
For me I described where in 2007, I could feel balls of energy in my hands.  I didn’t think about going to the family doctor, instead I said I needed a massage or a chiropractor.  It was actually fate bringing me to my first Reiki Master, Susan Faber of Cochrane.  She told me that that was a sign of healing hands.  From there I started my enquiry of reading new age books (lots, and some 3 times), listening to lots of webcasts (the majority on Hay House Radio), attending certification courses, seminars and classes.  I explained how my guides (Archangel Michael, my guardian Angel May, John the Surgeon from World War I – he is my teacher for everything in the human body, the π3 – it’s pronounced pi 3 – as they are 3 ‘beings’ from the Sirius B planet system – they are my scientists who taught me the important meaning of 3-2-1, Indian Guru – he is my teacher on chakras right now.  There are a few more coming thru but they only presented themselves for now and I am waiting for what they will be teaching me.  Just know that each new guide is coming in right in time for the next teaching based on what I have learnt) are working with me in my teaching.  Each came when I was ready for the next teaching.   I have found my peace thru all of them for which I am grateful.
We explained that we would be doing a meditation but wanted to explain how to look at meditation differently.  I stated that I have been to many meditations and have had the instructor say things like “feet have to be flat on the floor because you will block energy” or another is in yoga said to do the pretzel like pose of crossing and bending your legs over each other.  Another said noted that I had to control my head from falling.  I see everyone as an “energy” body.  Energy moves and basically if we were not supposed to do something that we wouldn’t be able to.  I stated to the attendees do what feels right for them.  The reason is because this way they are concentrating on the words I was saying for the meditation and not worrying if they are doing it “RIGHT”.  Steve then said that if prior or during the meditation if they need to move, or change from a chair to the floor, or grab a blanket, then do it and then slip back in where the guided meditation is.  Basically get comfortable so that you stop the words in your head and can follow the guide meditation.
I explained how Caroline Goyder from her Ted talk called “The surprising secret to speaking with confidence” – explained that you can calm yourself right away by doing a breathing thru the diaphragm. She explained how you put your thumb where your diaphragm at the bottom of the sternum. Deep breath to push “out” your thumb and then breath “in” and push your thumb in. You know you are doing it right when you can feel your thumb move out and in. Repeat this deep breathing until you feel calm. She said you can also put your hands on the back of your ribs and feel the ribs expand as you breath in and out. The diaphragm is the key to regulating your system and how to calm yourself down when you are afraid. Finally she stated that all WORDS are spoken clearly on the OUT breath and all THOUGHTS are done on the IN breath. So use your IN breath to collect your thoughts by breathing deeply.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2MR5XbJtXU The surprising secret to speaking with confidence |Caroline Goyder | TEDxBrixton
From there we started our 1st meditation.  It is a variation on Gregg Braden’s presentation that I got to attend a few years ago.  I always use this meditation and I can quickly feel my brain waves drop and slow down.
This is a condensed of what he said.
Greg Braden talked about the heart brain connection.
He gave this quote: The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart.  The 1st organ created from conception is the heart.  The heart has over 40,000~ sensory neurites (the same type of neurons that the brain has), and the rest of your organs in the body have some too but not to that degree as the heart and brain.  Therefore, getting the two to connect together will give you the deep insight you need, the pre-cognizance, access to sub-conscious, because the heart doesn’t have the ‘mind talk’ like the brain does.  If someone keeps remembering something not serving them, it creates a bigger connection.  He showed a video of the neurites getting like little arms and connecting to another neurite which means a memory was formed and bonded.   How you break that bond is to basically to choose to let go or stop thinking about it
 The other thing Gregg talked about was resilience (well that was basically the whole conference).  That if a person has a heartbeat that is always static that means they are hard set in their way.  Instead they should have a Heart Rate Variable (HRV) which means the beat might beat the same beat for 3 beats then either be a bit faster or slower for a couple and change to something else as that is the best way for the heart.
Once you are in the euphoria of that breathing is when you have the heart and brain connection complete.  By putting your hands on your chest, it programs your mind and body to get to that great feeling quicker each time you do this type of meditation.
 Greg then said that if you first get into that heart/brain connection and then do manifestation from there it will come quicker and easier… which I believe.
  • Put your hands on the center of your chest, just below the collar bone, this is where your Heart Chakra is located
  • Next take deep breaths in and out and feel how your hands are going up and down
  • Keep following your breath and hands going in and out for at least 3 minutes or more.  Do it until you feel the connection to your heart.  The simplest way to explain it is that it brings peace.
  • Once you feel the connection, then imagine your brain is breathing with your heard.  Keep your hands on your chest while doing this.  Feel how your IN and OUT breaths are in sync with your heart and brain.
  • Do that for about 3 minutes or longer until you feel the connection
  • Finally when you have the Heart and Brain connection, then breath in and out your WHOLE BODY.  Think of it like when a fish breaths their gills expand and contract.
  • So feel your whole body expanding with each in breath and contract with each out breath
  • Feel how your whole body now feels calm and your brain has stopped the mind chatter (or as I call it the various shopping lists in your head).
I explained that everything is energy including our thoughts.  With those thoughts we are manifesting our reality.  I explained that they don’t have to make this a project to get done in 1 day, as I can attest it’s on going but it gets easier when your calm the words in your head (if they are negative).  I explained that the next two upcoming meditations (chakras and triggers) will explain how to bring this peace in.  We all came here to learn.  As the guides told me “the only way to learn is to try things and LEARN from them.  Did it turn out because you “listened” to your instincts, or did it turn out badly that you need to ask friends to bury the bodies (lol – note: you don’t need to harm others).  It’s like when you prepare for a date, you try on various outfits until you find the perfect one where you feel your absolute fabulous and you feel 10 feet tall and you are proud of yourself).  When our parents and grand parents and great grandparents etc grew up the mentality was that you got 1 job and it was for life, but for with evolution of how society has changed, we take on multiple jobs, friends, family, careers etc.  Some we stay for short or longer periods and some we stay for life.  Try things out until you find what it is that is what you were meant to do.  You are the only one who can decide if it’s right or now.
I explained that I had met Michelle Arbeau at one of the new age shows a long time ago.  I signed up for her newsletter and had full intentions of going to one of her many numerology courses but never got around to it.  IT was meant to be.  She now lives in Los Angeles and is a celebrity numerologist.  Fate had it that I wasn’t supposed to attend her classes to learn about numerology , but instead I had to “learn” about energy thru Reiki and when I was ready I would come across her book at Chapters Indigo while looking for another book.  Her book is called “The Energy Of Words: Use The Vibration Of Language To Manifest The Life You Desire”  ISBN 9780738736648.
Michelle’s book was key to what the guides where teaching me with the 3 layers of forgiveness, 2 and 1.
In Michelle’s book she gives the definition of energy – kinetic (energy of motion – like wind or water running from a tap) or potential energy (stored energy of position – like static electricity and gravity), Quantum Physics for string theory takes the definition further – all objects in our universe are composed of vibrating filaments (string) and membranes (branes) of energy.
She mentions Dr Masaru Emoto and his book Messages from Water, which demonstrated the effects of positive or negative words on water, when that word was spoken, written, or thought as it was directed to the water. The water responded by forming varying sizes and shapes of crystal clusters. Negative words caused the crystals to be mis-shaped. Positive words caused the crystals to be symmetrical.
We showed the quick video that demonstrates this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUuzIJWK1YY
Michelle explains that anything based in the world of energy, an energetic pattern can be shaped and transformed depending on the other energies that interact with it. We have all heard of Law Of Attraction that you attract or create what you send out, you get back. Michelle states that for the Law of Attraction to work properly, you have to look at the frequency or energetic vibration of a word(s) that you are using as it is the missing piece in successfully applying the law of attraction to your life. The words you use can hinder or help you achieve success on any level.
Further to this, how we perceive a word through thought and emotion can cause it to be powerful or powerless. Your personal word dictionary is based on your life experience/witness NOT necessarily what is in the Webster dictionary. Think how a single word can instantly melt our heart, infuse us with anger, or completely change our perspective. Each word has an energetic vibration and can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives.
Michelle stated that a study done in 2005 by Robert Schrauf, associated professor of applied linguistics and anthropologist at Penn State University, revealed that negative words dominate our vocabulary. – 50% of the words are negative, 30% are positive and 20% are neutral.  Of those words, 90% of our words are NON-verbal (they are all in our head – that running dialogue). The other 10% are written, spoken, or typed.
National Science Foundation study showed that on average we process up to sixty thousand thoughts per day, which is more than we can express vocally, and it depends on each of us on how many are positive or negative in our head.
Michelle stated that speaking the words is powerful to the people around you because we can add body language, tone of voice, and other cues that add to the energy of the word(s). Think about when someone says I LOVE YOU vs when it is written. Which has the greater impact?
Thoughts are more powerful for each of us individually. What are the words in your head saying about yourself? Are they positive or negative? You have the control to change them.
Even a positive word like LOVE can be used negatively based on how you feel about love in that moment (do you hate being in love because it hurts??).
We asked the attendees to bring up their 1st paper where they took 2 minutes to write what the running dialogue was in their heads prior to coming to the meditation.  We asked them to look at the words to see how many were “negative” and how many were “positive encouraging” words.  The attendees shared some of their words.  Steve and I helped them to use a more powerful word to either change it to be positive from a negative word  OR how to take a positive word to make it more positive (ex: from anxious to anticipation).
Steve stated that I AM is the most powerful word.  Be conscious of how you are using it.
Before we started our final meditation we asked the attendees if they wanted to shred their words in the paper shredder we had.  The attendees did shred their words.
In our discussion with the attendees, I gave guided messages on how they can do little “tricks” at home to help change the energy.  Like tape positive words like LOVE, HOPE etc under pieces of furniture.  The intention of doing this and the belief will bring the power of the words.  I then said just think you can always sit in the LOVE seat.
Our last meditation was the Infinity 8 healing as stated above.
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